Powerful Presentations

Plan, Prepare, Practice, Present And Plan

What you will learn

To understand how to plan.

To understand how to prepare.

To understand how to practice.

To understand how to present.

To understand how to plan again.


Are presentations important? Do you enjoy providing presentations? Are the abilities to provide presentations necessary? Will you continue to practice your presentation skills? What is PPPPP? In this video, we discuss some presentation tips The “Five Finger” approach to presentations uses the thumb for plan. Our index finger is used for the preparation. Our third or middle finger is used for practice. The ring finger indicates present the material and our 5th digit or pinky indicates plan again for our next presentation. We must ensure that the presentation sections are balanced and that all of the contents focus on the topic that we are discussing. Thanks for watching/listening and providing comments.

A presentation conveys information from a speaker to an audience. Presentations are typically demonstrations, introduction, lecture, or speech meant to inform, persuade, inspire, motivate, build goodwill, or present a new idea/product.[1] Presentations usually require preparation, organization, event planning, writing, use of visual aids, dealing with stress, and answering questions.[2] “The key elements of a presentation consists of presenter, audience, message, reaction and method to deliver speech for organizational success in an effective manner.”[3] Presentations are widely used in tertiary work settings such as accountants giving a detailed report of a company’s financials or an entrepreneur pitching their venture idea to investors.[4][5] The term can also be used for a formal or ritualized introduction or offering, as with the presentation of a debutante.[6] Presentations in certain formats are also known as keynote[7] address. Interactive presentations, in which the audience is involved, are also represented more and more frequently. Instead of a monologue, this creates a dialogue between the speaker and the audience. The advantages of an interactive presentation is for example, that it attracts more attention from the audience and that the interaction creates a sense of community.[8]

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