Portrait Editing Masterclass Using Adobe Photoshop

Learn the Art of Professional Portrait Editing Using Advanced Editing Techniques in Adobe Photoshop

What you will learn

The correct sequence of steps that one has to take to edit a portrait in a professional and systematic manner

White Balance, Exposure, Contrast Correction and Removal of Chromatic Aberration/Fringing

Frequency Separation for Smoother Skin

Dodge and Burn for Adding Depth and Drama to the Portrait

Making the Hair Smooth in the Correct Manner

Skin Clean-up and Blemish Removal

Working on the Background using advanced selections

Usage of blending modes to achieve some advanced color changes

Skin Color Correction

Frequency Separation for Changing Harsh light into Soft light


Do you want to learn how to edit your portraits in a professional manner using Photoshop?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

There are two main issues which beginners face when it comes to editing portraits:

  • They don’t know about advanced techniques like Frequency Separation and Dodge and Burn
  • They don’t know the correct sequence of steps to take in order to edit a portrait

This course will address both these issues and so much more.

First of all, you will be getting your hands on a Portrait Editing Checklist Document where all the steps that you have to take have been laid down in a sequence and divided into 4 phases with each phase consisting of individual steps. Once you finish the 4 phases in a sequence, you get the final result.

This results in a systematic way to edit your portraits since there is no guess work involved and all subjectivity is taken out making the process an objective one.

Secondly, you will be learning about all the important techniques like:

  • Frequency Separation to Make the Skin Smooth in the Correct Way While Retaining the Important Texture
  • Dodge and Burn for adding depth and drama to the skin, hair, clothes and even the background
  • Hair Smoothening to groom the hair and beard and in some cases, even the body.

The best part is that you will be getting PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS for these techniques which will allow you to set up the work-flow for these techniques with just one click. So everything will be automated and this will make your portrait editing work-flow really efficient and quick.

These techniques and so much more will be used within the following 4 phases of editing:

Phase 1 – Initial Basic Adjustments

This first phase will involve all the basic steps that sets up the image perfectly for the advanced steps and techniques that will follow. These basic steps include things like cropping, correcting white balance, exposure, contrast, removing chromatic aberration/color fringing, removing noise and so much more.

Phase 2 – Working on the Subject

This phase is where the real editing starts because we will be start to use techniques like Frequency Separation and Dodge & Burn. We will also be looking at things like correction skin color and performing a basic skin and hair clean-up. It will also involve steps like hair smoothening, localized sharpening, changing the body and facial shape and so much more.

Phase 3 – Working on the background

This phase will involve steps that specifically work on the background in the portrait. The background is often ignored by beginner editors. But here you will find out that editing the background has a massive impact on the look of the portrait. You will be surprised to know that even for the background, we will be using techniques like Dodge and Burn and Frequency Separation.

Phase 4 – Final Adjustments

This is the last phase which will involve all the final steps like adding some special effects/filters and color grading and finally exporting the final edited image.

Apart from all the things mentioned above, one of the most important things you will get out of this course is that you will learn so much about small things like important shortcuts, when to save projects, importance of tablets for editing, flattening layers to save on processing power and so much more. These little things are as important as the big steps.

Once you finish this course, you will forever be equipped with the knowledge of all portrait editing techniques and also a specific system to edit your images which removes all guess work.

You can use the this new skill to edit your portrait shots (hobby or professional) or become a freelance portrait editor.

This truly is a one-stop course for portrait editing. You won’t ever need to do any other course ever again.

So I really hope you sign up so we can started straight away! 🙂



Introduction to the Course

Important Things to Know Before We Get Started
Download the Resources for this Course
Frequency Separation Warm-up

Editing the First Portrait

Part 1 – Initial Basic Adjustments (Cropping, White Balance, Exposure, Contrast)
Part 2 – Initial Basic Adjustments (Noise Reduction & Learning Vital Shortcuts)
Part 3 – Skin Color Correction
Part 4 – Skin Clean-up and Blemish Removal
Part 5 – Frequency Separation to Make the Skin Smooth
Part 6 – Some Important Points to Know Regarding Frequency Separation
Part 7 – Dodge and Burn for the Skin
Part 8 – Dodge and Burn for the Clothes and Hair
More Videos to be Added

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