Plumbing & HVAC systems in Chillers water treatment A-Z

Learn basics of Chillers & chilled water system inside the district cooling plant with examples and parts description

What you will learn

Understand basics of Chiller System Components

Chilled Water System Work process

How to design chilled water system

Flow Rate Calculation

Cooling Capacity Calculation

Pipe Sizing Calculation

Pressure Drop Calculation

Pump pressure Calculation

Pump horse Power Calculation

Chiller Efficiency Calculation

Evaluate the different strategies used to improve energy efficiency of the chiller

Chilled Water Calibration process

Understand of chilled water drawings

Chiller / Pump /AHU-FCU / Condenser – Hook up


Hi! Welcome to our course. If you are starting to study in the HVAC industry, or wished to gain more knowledge in an area that seems complicated and confusing to most people, you are on the right course!. This Course covers the Chilled water system in the district cooling plant and inside the building through heat exchangers, Air handling units, and FCU’s, it will build your knowledge slowly until you reach the point that you can evaluating, selecting, and sizing chillers for a typical chiller plant. In this course you’ll Study :

  • Chilled Water System overview.
  • System Components.
  • Work process overview.
  • Components Description.
  • How to Design CWS.
  • Flow Rate Calculation.
  • Cooling Capacity.
  • Pipe Sizing Calculation.
  • Pressure Drop Calculation.
  • Pump pressure.
  • Pump horse Power.
  • Chiller Efficiency.
  • How To Improve Chiller Efficiency.
  • Example.
  • How to calibrate your system.
  • How to control the system in different loads.
  • Chilled water schematic.
  • Chiller / Pump /AHU-FCU / Condenser – Hook up.

Plus that you’ll gain more information about HVAC industry.

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Here at EngineeringHub, We coach engineering students and working professionals for better career opportunities. Our trainers have experience of teaching students and engineers. Our support team makes sure that you get your doubts clarified as soon as we receive it. We are on a mission to train Engineers in the most attractive and easiest way and make them comfortable with our courses. This HVAC chilled water course is the first we have launched and we intend to deliver almost all that an Engineer would require. So you can also post what next course would you like us to launch.




Chilled Water System overview
Chilled Water System Components
Work process overview
Components Description
Components Description – Evaporator
Components Description – Compressor
Components Description – Condenser
Components Description – Cooling Tower
Components Description – Expansion Valve
Components Description – Oil Lubrication system
Types and selection of the chillers
How to Design CWS – Flow rate Calculation
Cooling Capacity -Pipe Sizing -Pressure Drop-Pump pressure- Pump horse power
Chiller Efficiency Caclulation
How To improve Chiller Efficiency
How to calibrate your system
How to control the system in different loads
Chilled water schematic
Chiller / Pump /AHU-FCU / Condenser – Hook up
Thank you !

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