PLT 101: A Step Toward the Person You Aspire to BE

Introduction to mantra meditation, a daily yoga practice and a learning path towards self transformation.

What you will learn

Learn a set of practices that will begin to develop your physical and mental well-being

Understand and find greater meaning in your life’s purpose

Increase your social awareness

Become the person you aspire to be


This is a FREE online and self-paced course for those who are looking for answers and a greater understanding of their life’s purpose. The course offers an introduction to guided mantra meditation, a daily yoga practice, and a learning path toward the person you aspire to be.

This course is designed to give you an overview and is specially designed for those that are new to meditation and yoga.

This course is only the beginning, like the planting of a seed.  You will be introduced to meditation and yoga practice. You will have learned about what it means to be a human being. The importance of habits and living a life full of contentment and gratitude. And the call to action to become a  Planetary Leader.

PLT is all about personal and social transformation. We humans are both individuals and social beings, so a holistic lifestyle must cater to both of these dimensions of our lives.

The practices you will learn are not meant for monks living in seclusion – they are designed to be integrated into everyday life. And the principles we will be learning are intended to be applied in our work and in our homes, bringing love and kindness into the world in practical ways.

Develop healthy habits for body and mind, including a daily meditation practice.

We need a human-centered solution. This is why the foundation of our leadership training is training our own minds. Through meditation and yoga, we learn to manage our energy, our moods, and our thoughts. This is the foundation of true leadership. From a place of clarity and compassion, applying our boundless human ingenuity we can work together to find holistic solutions to all our problems, and bring peace and unprecedented, shared prosperity to our world.

Course Details:

  • Step 1 – Meditation Made Easy
    • “I Am Human Being” – Learn about our role, our destiny, and what are we here for.
    • How To Meditate – Guided Introduction
    • Guided Meditation With Mantra – Audio File
  • Step 2 – Body/Mind Balance
    • Body/Balance And Yoga Postures – Learn the importance of yoga postures
    • Yoga Practice – Demonstration Video
  • Step 3 – Peace of Mind
    • Importance Of Daily Habits – Understanding the Power of Habits
    • Contentment And Gratitude – Learn one of the 5 keys
  • Step 4 – Planetary Leadership
    • Lead From Within And PLT – Learn about the leader you can be
    • What’s Next



Welcome : Your Host Krsnaprema

Step 1: Meditation Made Easy

Meet Your Instructor: Dada Rainjitananda
“I am a human being”
How to Meditate?

Step 2: Body/Mind Balance

Morning Meditation
Body/Balance & Yoga Postures
Yoga (Asana) Practice

Peace of Mind

Morning Meditation
Yoga (Asana) Practice
Meet Your Instructor: Dada Nabhaniilananda
Importance of Habits (Daily Routine)
Contentment & Gratitude (Santos’a)

Planetary Leadership

Morning Meditation
Yoga (Asana) Practice
Lead From Within & PLT
What’s Next?

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