PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store

Create Professional (E-Book) Ecommerce Store with Payment and Admin Panel in PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO

What you will learn

Learn to set up the right environment when getting started with coding

Build a complete authentication system

Learn to do advanced coding with hashing and un-hashing passwords

Warp your head around cool programming concepts like validations

Limit the user ability to access sensitive data by protecting it

Learn to deal with sessions and customize them based on your needs

Create a category system

Set up layers and layers of validations for various profiles on your web app

Create an admin panel and learn how it works under the hood from start to finish

Learn file uploading and how to fully update and delete itx bugs along the way of developing this web app

Learn how to create a cart system and how to fully customize it

Learn to implement payment with stripe and create a checkout system

Implement file downloading with PHP

How to integrate Ajax-JQuery with PHP and MySQL to create cool features in you web app

Learn how to send emails with attachments with PHP


Ready for a fantastic journey with me?? In this course and in under 9 hours, you are going to learn how to build an amazing e-commerce web app. It’s a pretty decent size project. We are going to get going first by setting up the database and I already prepared the design with bootstrap for us. After this, we are going to display the products neatly and dynamically and we going to build the most challenging part of this project which is the cart. In the cart, there are going to be a lot of details like adding products updating and deleting from the cart, and showing the number of products in it and that’s all going to be done without refreshing the page with Ajax-JQuery of course. And after all of this, we are simply going to process the payment with stripe and we are going to checkout and place orders finally. At the end of this whole process, we are going to give users the products that they paid for. This is the main function of this web app. Surely there is going to be an authentication system, a category system, and more on the users’ side.

There is also a cool and very practical admin panel, where we are going to handle general functions about our user’s side. So, in the admin panel, we are going to create admins and allow them to log in, create and manage categories, and show them. and we are going to fully handle products. There is a lot more to talk about. There are a lot of details, password hashing, and validations to go ahead and talk about. So, if this looks like something you are interested in, get the course now. See you inside.






Installing Xampp
Installing VS Code

Getting Started with the Project and Authentication System

The Design and Code for this Project
Creating Config File
Creating Register Page
Creating Login Page
Checking for Sessions

Preparing Products

Displaying Products
Displaying Data for every Product

Developing Cart and Payment with Stripe and More…

Adding Products to Cart pt.1
Adding Products to Cart pt.2
Showing Products in Cart pt.1
Showing Products in Cart pt.2
Updating Products in Cart
Deleting Products from Cart
Showing Number of Products in Cart
Checking out and Proccing Payment
Storing Orders for every Payment
Downloading Products that Users Paid for
Clearing Cart After Payment
Validating and Fixing Errors pt.1
Validating and Fixing Errors pt.2

Categories and Finishing Users Side

Showing Categories
Showing Products for every Category

Getting Started with Admin Panel

Code and Design for Admin Panel
Logging Admins in pt.1
Logging Admins in pt.2
Showing Admins
Creating Admins
Creating Index Page for Admins

Finishing Categories (Admin Side)

Showing Categories
Creating Categories
Deleting Categories
Updating Categories pt.1
Updating Categories pt.2

Finishing Products (Admin Side)

Showing Products
Deleting Products
Creating Products
Controlling Status of the Products
Validating and Fixing Bugs pt.1
Validating and Fixing Bugs pt.2

Update: Extra Lectures

Creating Orders Page pt.1
Creating Orders Page pt.2
Sending Products by Email pt.1
Sending Products by Email pt.2

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