Partner massage: couple therapy in practice

Healing through Bodywork

What you will learn

Learn how to give a soothing massage using professional techniques

Improve your own body feeling and your feeling for another body

Combine massage with relaxation, letting go and meditation

Heal your relationship by getting intimate with your partner


Are you tired of sitting in front of the TV with your partner in the evening? And is there no longer any loving contact between you? If so, then this partner massage course offers you the perfect solution. You can be close to your partner again and touch him or let him touch you without it becoming “embarrassing” or being rejected by the other person. You go together for a relaxing, easy-to-perform massage where you can enjoy both – give and take. In this way you come closer again, transform conflicts and disputes through a loving space and come into connection again. How could you spend your evening better? Also if you want to treat friends or family members, this course is perfect, easy to follow and integrate in your daily life. And if you plan to give professional treatments for earning money, your clients will highly enjoy it. I will explain from the beginning, what you need for the treatment, how you can create a good space and how you work almost effortless with your body weight without exhausting your arm muscles. You don´t need any expensive equipment and you can start right away. Nice is to treat each other and take turns. So you´ll also notice the improvement in your massage by feeling what you like and don´t like when you receive. So you can give feedback to each other.



Introduction: How can you benefit from the massage and what do you need for it?
Interaction with your partner
Integration of the massage practice in your life
Bodywork for your health
Main course practice: guided massage

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