[Part 1] Create Your Own Game in the MapleStory Worlds

Overview of the Maker Client and learn how to use LuaScript to create a 2D platformer game in the MapleStory Worlds.

What you will learn

Game development skills in MSW Client

Use LuaScript to make logics and implement code

Learn how to make their own game using the MapleStory game resources

Monetize ones own content by adding an item and tickets


Congratulations that you’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone! Part 1 is an introduction to the MapleStory Worlds. Curious? Then start straight away.

Welcome to the MSW101 lecture for global users who are a potential “Content Creator” in the MapleStory Worlds platform! Have you ever imagined playing a game you created yourself? Have you ever thought of changing the rules or items of the game to enjoy it to the fullest?  Go through the whole lecture, then you’ll be able to make your fantasy fulfilled. Are you ready? Off you go!

MapleStory Worlds platform?

It’s a BRAND new platform where anyone can easily create a multiplayer game by using about 30 million resources from MapleStory without worrying about copyright. The MapleStory World provides two creation modes. First is a decoration mode where you can create simply by clicking on buttons or drag&drop componenets, and second is a pro mode that allows you to implement more diverse functions through coding with LuaScript.

There are 5 big chapters in total and few steps in each. However, “[Part 1] Create Your Own Game in the MapleStory Worlds” course will mainly discuss all the functions in the MSW platform and go through the basic concepts of the Maker Client, learn how to code with LuaScript.

[PART 1]

  • Section 1. What is the MSW platform?: An introduction to the MapleStory Worlds platform and a walkthrough to the MSW Maker Client.
  • Section 2. Basic concepts and LuaScript: Few main concepts of the Maker; entity, component, property, model, service, and logic. Also, you’ll learn how to script using Lua.

Key takeaways :

  1. Game development skills in MSW Client by using LuaScript.
  2. Anyone can play your own game published in the MSW platform.
  3. You can earn profit by monetizing your game by adding items and tickets.

Please watch until the end and feel the fun during the process. Good luck!

[본 강의는 넥슨X멋쟁이사자처럼의 MapleStory Worlds X Edu Creator Camp 2022의 지원을 받아 제작되었습니다.]



What is the MSW platform?

MSW Client Overview
Navigation menu and Scene panel
Model List, Hierarchy, and Workspace
Layer, Script, and Resources

Basic concepts and LuaScript

Entity, Component, and Property
Model, Service and Logic
Creating Scripts
Script Logic and Script Component

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