Part 01: Ethical Hacking Course In Hindi

Ethical hacking certification course part 1

What you will learn



kali linux

linux hacking

web hacking

window hacking


Ethical hacking certification course part 1

This course provides learners with real practical hands-on learning to gain real-world experience as a penetration tester or an ethical hacker (white, grey, or black).

This course provides a fundamental look at offensive security concepts and techniques using a virtual install of Kali Linux and three different target victims, Windows 7, Server 2008, and Linux (Metesploitable2). This course provides a practical 100% hands-on approach to becoming an ethical hacker or a pentester.

How is the course structured?

This recording class videos with complete practical and theoretical concepts also.

The course uses video tutorials and lab files that provide a practical step-by-step learning experience of ethical hacking methodologies. Students will use the same tools and open-source software used by professional penetration testers and ethical hackers and hackers.

This course provides videos, lab files, and links for downloading the free and open-source software used throughout this course.

You will build a virtual install of Kali Linux, Windows 10, for the virtual lab environment. You should complete the first lab of this course before enrolling. Starting with lab 2, we will begin scanning and attacking a Windows 7 victim. If a learner cannot complete the labs in section 2 of the course, there is no need to enroll since all labs followed are dependent on the first lab being completed.

You will learn how intruders escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to stop them, the importance of a strong firewall, keeping systems and software updated, and the use of complex passwords.

You will also learn how to launch DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows, keylogging, and password hacking. Completing the course will help prepare an individual for an entry-level position as a pen-tester or ethical hacker. On completing this course, you will receive a course completion.

If you would like to discuss ethical hacking or watch someone talk theory, there are plenty of lecture courses on Udemy. However, to complete this course, students must demonstrate the practical concepts of offensive hacking. In other words, learners will learn by doing

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Ethical Hacking Day -01

introduction of Ethical hacking : part 01
introduction of Ethical hacking : part 02
introduction of Ethical hacking :part 03

Ethical Hacking Day -02

footprinting : part 01
footprinting : part 02
footrpinting : part 03

Ethical Hacking Day -03

footprinting : part 04

Ethical Hacking Day -04

Scanning : part 1
Scanning : part 2

Ethical Hacking Day -05


Ethical Hacking Day -06

Vulnerability analysis and system hacking part : 01

Ethical Hacking Day -07

System hacking – part 2

Ethical Hacking Day -08

ftp exploit metasploitable 2

Ethical Hacking Day -09

Keyloggers and steganography

Ethical Hacking Day -10

Malware threats

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