Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Practical Strategies To Manage Doubt And Self Criticism And Boost Your Personal Confidence levels

What you will learn

What Imposter Syndrome and self-sabotage are.

The typical thoughts a person with this syndrome has.

How cognitive biases and distortions contribute to imposter syndrome.

Potential causes of childhood experiences that may have contributed to Imposter Syndrome.

What triggers one’s inner critic.

Coping mechanisms to handle Imposter Syndrome.

Strategies to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

That success isn’t about ‘luck’ or ‘chance.

How common this belief system is.


Do you ever feel unworthy or struggle with self-doubt? Do you frequently underestimate your value or minimise your accomplishments? Or perhaps you believe that people have no right to compliment you? If any of this resonates with you, then we have designed this course to help.

Imposter Syndrome is common and affects a lot of people. We created this course to assist you in challenging and overcoming this condition. You will discover the background of Impostor Syndrome and the numerous scales employed to measure or identify the syndrome through a series of short video-based lessons.

We’ll define Imposter Syndrome and discuss its five different manifestations, including those that affect natural geniuses, experts, perfectionists, soloists and superheroes. In addition to discussing the multiple causes of Imposter Syndrome, which span from childhood events to personality qualities, we will also look at how persons with Imposter Syndrome think and how it impacts many aspects of their lives.


Afterwards, we’ll concentrate on cognitive biases and how Imposter Syndrome is related to them. Additionally, we’ll talk about how therapy can help and effective ways to deal with and ultimately overcome Imposter Syndrome.

The goal of this course is to help managers and other team members work more effectively with employees and coworkers who experience Imposter Syndrome, with leaders who feel insecure, and with professionals who want to boost their confidence levels before applying for promotions or doing a better job in their current position. However, it’s also appropriate for anyone else who wants to control the symptoms of Imposter Syndrome and believes they have it.

So, if these conditions are constantly weighing you down, making your work ineffective and holding you back from fulfilling your aspirations, you will greatly benefit from this course. Enrol now to learn more. ”


Introduction To Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome In The Workplace
Understanding Imposter Syndrome
Causes Of Imposter Syndrome
Cognitive Biases And Imposter Syndrome
How To Silence Your Inner Critic
Your Inner Critic Doesn’t Define You



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