Basic Mathematics preparation

What you will learn

Basic numeracy


This course introduces or reviews basic numeracy, which leads to the practical application in calculating VAT and interest, as well as the apportionment of damages in claims. Basic calculations, such as the order of operations, percentages, the different types of calculators (standard Windows and scientific) are explained. This continues on to practical applications in the legal/ business field, simple and compound interest and who is liable to pay VAT. Some lectures have practical worksheets attached, which are downloadable.

The lectures are short and to the point, and the lecturer is available for further information and advice.

This course was created especially for LLB students studying to pass their bar examinations to become advocates.

It is aimed at adults, for a specific purpose, as mentioned above, or for basic knowledge on some financial aspects of running a business. Entrepreneurs could also benefit from this course.

The course instructor is a teacher with more than thirty years’ teaching experience. She currently runs a cottage school from home, as well as being a full-time artist and art curator.

Susan Allin graduated from Stellenbosch University in 1981. Besides raising four children, she has coached various sports, such as netball, tennis, and triple jump. She has left teaching to pursue other interests, such as running a backpackers’ camp in Malawi, selling properties, owning a candle factory and managing a tutoring company.

All of this extra (useless) information had to be added in order to meet the publication requirement of 200 words….





History of the numerical system

Numbers and their classifications

Basic order of operations

Rounding off and fractions

Lowest common denominator

Using calculators


Application of basics

Vat and Interest

Rates, Rations, Proportions

Apportionment of damages

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