NodeJS Masterclass (Express, MongoDB, OpenAI & More) – 2023

Build REST APIs, Test with Postman, Integrate OpenAI, Deployment. Master NodeJS, MongoDB & More! 2023 Edition.

What you will learn

Learn the fundamentals of backend web development

Develop JSON Web API

Working with MongoDB database using mongoose

Best practises for backend development

API, RestAPI & Methods

Integrating OPENAI & Prompting for responses

Testing API in postman with environments

Avoid useless coding – Learn what’s important


Kickstart Your Backend Web Development Career with Our Beginner-Friendly NodeJS Course (2023 Edition) – Learn the fundamentals of backend web development with NodeJS. Our easy-to-follow approach makes learning accessible to anyone. Start building your skills today and open up a world of new opportunities in backend web development. We will be working with latest version and deploy our code in Render (Free for 2023)

We will guide you through the basics of NodeJS and related concepts, such as creating servers, installing packages, openai integration and more. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to build robust and scalable web applications using NodeJS. Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a backend web development pro.


Designed for beginners with little to no prior knowledge, our comprehensive Introduction to NodeJS course (2023 Edition) covers essential backend web development concepts such as creating servers, installing packages, working with databases, openai integration and more. Led by an experienced instructor, our hands-on approach and practical application focus will give you the foundation and skills needed to pursue a career in backend web development or work as a freelancer.

Our easy-to-follow approach makes learning accessible to anyone. Start building your skills today and open up a world of new opportunities in backend web development.

Getting Started

Installing VS Code & Essential Extensions
Getting help
Installing NODEJS

Diving into NodeJS

What is NodeJS?
Creating our first web server
Dynamic Routing a server (Handling user requests)
NPM (Node Package Manager) & Express
Dependencies, Node Modules & Packages
Using Express for creating server
Using NodeMon for faster development

FileSystem (FS) Module in NodeJS

Using FileSystem in NodeJS (Reading a File)
Writing to a file through FS Module
FS Module Wrap up
Final code for FS Module


API Introduction
REST API & Methods
Getting Ready for testing API
Download Movies DB API for testing
Movies API installation and explaination
Installing POSTMAN & Working with Requests
Testing APIs through postman (Part 1)
Testing APIs through postman (Part 2) & Using Postman Environment

MongoDB, Mongoose, ATLAS & More

Setting up new project
MongoDB, Atlas & Compass
MongoDB Connection using Mongoose
Using Environment Variables to secure sensitive data
Understanding Models & Schema in Mongoose
Models & Schema Creation

Requests, Promises & More

Working with requests
Validating requests
Using try catch to handle errors & exceptions
Async Await In Javascript

Working with Database

Creating our first data on database
Schema rules, validations & More
Retrieving data from database
Updating data
Deleting data & Movies API Wrapup

ChatGPT – OpenAI in NodeJS

About this section: OpenAI on NodeJS
Adding openai to our nodejs app
Creating openAI developers account & Using prompts
Prompting for movie recommendations

Handle NodeJS errors effectively, get rid of try catch

Using express-async-errors for error handling & Movies API Wrapup

Project: Expense Tracker PRO

About the project: Expense Tracker PRO
Expense Tracker PRO Blueprint
Setting up the project
Database & Models Setup
Modular Code Organization in Node.js
Handling user registration
Hashing password in database using BCRYPT

Authentication & Authorization

Handling User Logins
JWT Explained & Using JWT
Express middleware
JWT verification & auth middleware

Working on functionalities, Expense Tracker PRO

User dashboard API
Automate postman tests using environments
JWT Manager (Centralizing JWT signing)
Re-visiting Expense Tracker PRO API blueprint
Working on transactions model
Income handler, Validator Package & More
Handling expenses of users
Get Transactions & Working with Query string parameters in express
Finalizing user dashboard

Working with emails in NodeJS

Sending welcome email on Registration using nodemailer & mailtrap
Forgot password & sending reset code on email
Reset password using reset code
Refactoring sending email logic to Email Manager
Delete Transaction Functionality
Edit Transactions Functionality & Wrapup

Deploy Node.js App: Free Hosting on Render in 2023

Preparing for deployment (Custom 404 & CORS)
Setting up GIT repository for the project
Creating free account on render & deployment
Testing LIVE APIs
Thank you!

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