Motivate Your Team by Giving Effective Encouragement

How to Inspire Others to Give the Best of Themselves

What you will learn

Distinguish between different types of motivation

Give effective compliments

Help others to develop a growth mindset

Harness the power of expectations

Accompany others in developing new capabilities and taking on new tasks

Develop attitudes that uplift others


Many of us are part of organizations and teams that we know are not maximizing their potential, which is frustrating.  If you desire to have a positive influence on the members of your team, help them work with greater unity, and achieve more significant goals, this course is for you.  In it, you will develop a mindset and learn practical tools that will inspire small changes in attitudes and actions, leading to positive results.

To motivate others, we need to have attitudes of abundance and acceptance, coupled with positive expectations of others. These positive attitudes need to be accompanied by skills, such as

– Giving effective compliments

– Helping others to understand the significance of their work

– Giving them opportunities to develop their potential and

– Accompanying them with an appreciative gaze as they develop new skills and capabilities.

I am not a person who came by this capability naturally.  In fact, I’m still ashamed of how I treated the secretary I had years ago. However, by studying and applying the practices shared in this course, I have made progress and continually improve.

Everyone needs to develop these capabilities.  They are especially helpful for:

– Teams in the workplace

– Members of volunteer organizations

– Teachers

– Coaches

– Parents

– Couples

– Older siblings

– Friends

The great thing about this course is that you can complete it in just over an hour, and most of the guidelines presented can be implemented right away.

So go ahead, check out the curriculum, and if you like what you see, sign up right away.





Use of Different Types of Motivation

Use of Different Types of Motivation

Effective Compliments

Fundamentals of Effective Compliments
A Growth Mindset

Helping Others to Develop New Capabilities

The Power of Expectations
Bonus Video: How Transformative Leadership Changed My Life

Positive Attitudes

An Attitude of Abundance
An Attitude of Acceptance

Final Words

Thank you for your participation

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