Matplotlib – Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation with Python

Matplotlib - Complete Python Data Visualization Course
The course has been focused to help the trainees on achieving proficiency in working with MatPlotLib

What you will learn

The goal of this training is to help the trainees in learning all the aspects of MatPlotLib which is a python based plotting library

The trainees will be learning how to leverage Tkinter, QT python, etc as GUI to embed plots.

The course has been focused to help the trainees on achieving proficiency in working with MatPlotLib.

This course consists of four units that include one project and three units where you will be learning the concepts through the video tutorial.


Which tangible skills you will learn in the course?


  • These MatPlotLib Tutorials has been carefully developed to meet the requirement of the beginners as well as the professionals. We have tried to cover this topic from almost every angle. You make take some time to learn everything about MatPlotLib, but once you completed the course, you will be having a bundle of ideas about how it can be used and where it can be used. You will become the python developer who will know how to have the data presented graphically in an application. You will be ample comfortable to work with the python and its modules that are used to integrate this library to create an efficient application.
  • There are various simple, intermediate, and complex examples added in this course to get you real work exposure so that you can immediately be job-ready right after finishing these MatPlotLib Tutorials. Not just this library, but you will also be learning how to use python in several ways as we have shown various ways to solve one example. You will be expected to do the things on your own together with the educator so that you can achieve proficiency. You will learn a lot of new topics that you might never hear before.
  • The main purpose of this course is to get you a lucrative career where you can grow professionally and financially. Learning this course you give you an extra edge as the developers these days barely find themselves good with working on something that is even a bit complicated. You will be able to crack the interviews where the selection is based on the working experience or knowledge of the MatPlotLib library. We will make you all set for your next important step towards your goal if you want to become a proficient python developer
  • Xbox also performance on DirectX based games which provides the best user experience while using. There flexible to use on Systems, Laptops, Mobiles, and other devices so the scope of learning is high and demanding in the market. Handling codes and documents can be done and are easy to access to figure out the problems while working.


Matplotlib for Python Data Visualization – Beginners

Introduction to Matplolip
Simple Graphs
Simple Graphs Continue
More on Line Graphs
Bar Graph
Scatter Graph
Using Text
Annotation in Graph
Basic of Pyplot
Basic of Pyplot Text
Basic Bar and Fill
Complex Fill Demo
Custom Dashed Lines and Bar Charts
Inch and cms and Color Bars
Demo Image
Pcolormesh and Pathpatch Demo
Creating Streamplot
Creating Streamplot Continue
Eillpise Demo
Eillpise Demo Continue
Pie Chart
Table Demo
Log Demo and Polar Demo
Customizing Image
Customizing Image Continue
Customizing Plot
Customizing Styles

Matplotlib for Python Data Visualization – Intermediate

Introduction to Matplotlib Intermediate
Simple Working with Legend
Simple Working with Legends Continue
More on Legends Part 1
More on Legends Part 2
Basic Customizing Figure Layout
Advance Customizing Figure Layout
More on Customizing Figure Layout
More Examples
Complex Nested Grid spec
Constrained Layout Guide
Constrained Layout Guide Continue
Use with Grid Spec
More on Grid spec
Examples on Grid Spec
Examples on Grid Spec Continue
Tight Layout Guide Basic
Tight Layout Guide Advance

Matplotlib for Python Data Visualization – Advanced

Introduction to Matplotlib Advance Level
Path Tutorial
More on Path Tutorial
Path Effect Guide
Transformation Level 1
Transformation Level 1 and Example
Transformation Level 2 and Example
Colors Tutorial
Customized Colorbars
Creating Colormaps Basic
Creating Colormaps Advance
Logarithmic and Symmetric Logarithmic
Power-Law and Discrete bounds
Two Linear Ranges
Choosing Colormaps Overview
Classes of Colormaps
Lightness of Matplotlib Colormaps
Lightness of Matplotlib Colormaps Continue
Basic Text Command
Legends and Annotations
Text Properties
Basic Annotation
Annotation Polar
Fancy Demo
Connectionstyle Demo
Using Connection Patch
Zoom Effect Between Axes
Simple Example
Simple Example Continue
Saving Multipage PDF Files
Modifying Parameters
Text Rendering with LaTex
Simple Axes Grid
Parasite Axes
Anchored Artists
RGB Axes
Simple Axes Artist
Axes Artist with Parasite Axes
Floating Axis Demo Part 1
Floating Axis Demo Part 2
Axes Artist Demo
Line 3D
Bar 3D

Matplotlib Case Study – E-commerce Data Analysis

Introduction to Project
Installation of Software’s
Installation of Anaconda and Code
Inline Function
Unique Value
Prices Condition
Understanding Basics of Graph
Data Visualization
Plotting of Line Graph
Plotting of Histogram
Plotting of Histogram Continue
Plotting of Bar Graph
Plotting of Scatter Plot
Plotting of Pie Graph
Plotting of Pie Graph Continue
Plotting of Boxplot

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