Mastering the Pre-qualification Process of a Mortgage Loan

CEO and Founder of Finibi Mortgage teaches you how to pre-qualify borrowers from start to finish

What you will learn

You will be able to pre-qualify borrowers for all types of loans

You will be able to identify who qualifies for a mortgage and who does not

You will be able to understand what key ratios borrower need to qualify for

You will be able to distinguish the difference between pre-qualfying a borrower and pre-approving a borrower

You will be able to pre-qualify a borrower manually and digitally

You will be able to close more loans

You will be able to increase your income and take more applications

You will become much better in your career overall


Mastering the Pre-qualification Process of a Mortgage Loan is a very intelligent decision that will increase your profits by at least 2 – 3x’s and can have a significant effect on your financial future. Knowing how to start the entire process is the key to success when financing real estate!

In this in-depth course, you’ll learn how to pre-qualify borrowers for all types of loans. From how to pre-qualify a borrower for an FHA loan to running a loan through DU or LP and getting an “approved/eligible” status, these lectures are designed for any one who is in the world of finance and particularly mortgages. If you’re a real estate agent, processor, mortgage loan originator, underwriter, banker, etc., this course will take your game to the next level and save you time while increasing your income. With real world examples demonstrating exactly how to execute each step of the pre-qualification process, you’ll find out exactly how to do less and make more by using my personal pre-qualification formula, which means you’ll learn how to work less hours and increase approved borrowers which will also increase your closings and profits.

Main benefits of this course and of being able to efficiently pre-qualify borrowers:

– Increase you’re income by 2 – 3x’s or more

Most people who put into practice what they learn in this course will have some of the best years of their career. Go from making $60,000 to $120,000. For people who are consistent with the process they learn can even make $150,000+

– Spend less hours on the phone or in-person taking pre-qualifications

– Learn what you need to do to set up a proven pre-qualification process

– See immediate results while having more free time

If you already know the basics of how to pre-qualify borrowers and want refresh your memory or are just starting out and want to learn more in depth, this is the course for you. If you want to be successful in this industry, you can’t leave things to luck. You need to know how to pre-qualify more people in less time and know they will be approved for a home loan when you provide them a pre-qualification letter. This takes the right knowledge and the right skills which is what this course will provide you with.

The first section of this course will teach you how to overcome three major obstacles in the pre-qualification process: how the entire pre-qualification process works. What type of pre-qualification method is the best and most efficient. In the second section of this course, I will teach you my personal pre-qualification method, how to save a Fannie Mae 3.2 file, and other important processes that will improve your productivity while increasing customer satisfaction. In the third section of this course, you will see live examples and will learn how to pre-qualify borrowers for FHA, conventional, VA, and USDA loans even if they’re purchasing a home or refinancing their current one, and you will learn how to read and understand a pre-qualification letter.

In the end, you’ll have the tools necessary to pre-qualify borrowers faster and will have a seamless technique to make the rest of the process a success. A course diploma will be available to you when all sections have been completed at 100% which you can save or print. For instructions on downloading your course diploma you can go to:

Your instructor

Joseph Correa is the founder and CEO of Finibi Mortgage, a licensed mortgage brokerage business based out of Orlando, Florida. Having closed hundreds of mortgage loans and pre-qualified thousands of borrowers, he has the necessary knowledge to help you become a success. In the past, he has also owned a correspondent lender business and invested in real estate.



Introduction to Mastering the Pre-qualification Process of a Mortgage Loan

Why should you start this course?
Who is this course for?
Can I double my income by improving the pre-qualification process?
What’s the right way to pre-qualify borrowers?
Instructor Background
What you will learn in this course
Why is it important to know how to pre-qualify a borrower?
What should I do if a borrower does not qualify?
Pre-qualification vs Pre-approval
Self-guided pre-qualifications vs assisted pre-qualifications
Can pre-qualifying borrowers properly save me time and increase my profits?
The basic steps and how to determine a debt to income ratio
Deciding if a co-borrower will be necessary
Valid assets to be used
Analyzing declarations
What government monitoring information is required?
Physical vs digital pre-qualifications
Ways to pre-qualify a borrower
Completing a pre-qualification over the phone
Completing a pre-qualification in-person or face-to-face
Completing a pre-qualification by mail or fax
Completing a pre-qualification online

My personal pre-qualification formula and Important Pre-qualification Practices

My personal pre-qualification formula
Manual pre-qualifications
Online software assisted pre-qualifications
Saving a Fannie Mae 3.2 file
Obtaining income and asset documents for a loan
Obtaining valid government ID
Qualifying rates and loan programs
Running the loan on an AUS
Saving a Fannie Mae 3.2 file once your have an approve/eligible
Online tools to pre-qualify borrowers
Creating a pre-qualification letter

Practical examples of how to pre-qualify borrowers website tutorial creating a loan
Preapprovemeapp pre-qualification app navigation
Pre-qualifying a borrower for a conventional purchase loan
Running DU or LP and obtaining a pre-qualification letter
Pre-qualifying a borrower for an FHA refi rate and term loan
Pre-qualifying a borrower for a VA purchase loan
Pre-qualifying a conventional refi cash out investment property loan
Pre-qualifying a borrower for a USDA 100% LTV purchase loan
Pre-qualification: borrower smartphone view
Pre-qualification letter example 1
Pre-qualification letter example 2
Thank you

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