Master Meta Ads Targeting 2024

Master Meta Ads Targeting 2024
Master the basics of paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram to get new customers

What you will learn

Master advanced targeting techniques for Meta Ads.

Learn to analyze and optimize ad performance.

Develop strategies for audience segmentation.

Gain insights into budget allocation for maximum ROI.


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Part 1: Fundamentals of Targeted Advertising (30-40 minutes)

  • Definition of targeting and the role of a targetologist.
  • Relevance of targeted advertising in 2024.
  • Recommended skills and literature for targetologists.
  • Overview of platforms for targeted advertising.
  • Understanding advertising algorithms and formats.
  • Key aspects of launching advertising campaigns.

Part 2: Targeting Strategy Using AI (30-40 minutes)


  • Developing a strategy using AI.
  • Using AI to identify the target audience.
  • Studying the Meta ADS Library to analyze competitors.
  • Creating offers with AI tools.
  • Checklist before launching advertising.
  • Understanding consumer behavior.
  • Secrets of creating effective creatives.

Part 3: Technical Aspects of Targeted Advertising (40-50 minutes)

  • Overview of the Meta ADS interface.
  • Objectives of the advertising campaign.
  • Key advertising combinations.
  • Creating your first advertising campaign.
  • Distribution of advertising budgets.
  • Managing the risk of advertising account blocking.
  • Recommendations for a successful launch.

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What is targeted advertising
Relevance of targeted advertising and specialist development track
Overview of algorithms and ad formats
Possible income of a targeting specialist

Targeted advertising and artificial intelligence

Analysis and preparation before launching an advertising campaign
Strategy development with ChatGPT
Creating creatives in the Dall-e neural network

Launching ads and overview of the Meta ADS interface

Running ads with Meta’s AI
Pre-launch ad verification
Technical features of advertising

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