Master ENGLISH FLUENCY with Music

The Rhythm of Fluency

What you will learn

Integrated grammar, vocabulary and the rhythm of language

Develop language fluidity through the flow studies

Improve the ability of connecting sentences together with connected speech

Enhance understanding of how to use contractions


Master ENGLISH FLUENCY with Music by Rhythm of fluency is a spoken language training programme with music at the core of its ideology, helping beginner, intermediate and advanced students to master english fluency and fluidity through rhythm and rhyme. Have fun.

Learn English with music is a series of 13 classes available  on the Udemy platform in video format. Lyrics can also be downloaded in PDF from the resources tab.

Classes are complete, with reading comprehension, structuring of English (with linguistic and cultural aspects) and pronunciation.

You will be learning integrated:

– Grammar

– Vocabulary

– Connected Speech

– Contractions

– Pronunciation

– and a lot more….

The training program will help you improve your listening skills with the flows, which will ultimately improve your speaking ability in english language. Lexical learning is an old way of learning sentences in english, we learn language in what we call “chunks of language” as humans we tend to focus better and memorize groups of words rather than loose vocabulary. This is a very powerful method which has been developed to enhance your mental experience in language learning. It will give you an insight into language as well as trigger your interest and fun side of life.

Everything you need to do is start repeating this quality content from authentic material – one of the best sources for language learning.





Module 01

The Alphabet

Module 02

The Greetings Flow

Module 03

The Numbers flow

Module 04

The Personal Pronouns Flow

Module 05

The Articles Flow
The Articles Song Flow Practice

Module 06

The Demonstrative Pronouns Flow

Module 07

The Verb to be Flow

Module 08

The Comparatives Flow

Module 09

The Superlatives Flow

Module 10

The Prepositions Flow
The Prepositions Song Flow Practice

Module 11

The Wh Questions Flow

Module 12

The Future Flow

Bonus Module

AME VS BE differences

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