Marketing Psychology: Neuromarketing & Marketing Psychology

Product Marketing Psychology

A simple way to get people to do what you’re asking

Simple Persuasion

Why obsolete frameworks like the 4Ps and Myers-Briggs stick around

Radical Simplification

How to change people’s minds using Jonah Berger’s framework

How to change people’s minds

How to change people’s minds (example)

Likeability as a tool for persuasion [case study]


Generating Word of Mouth

Making marketing go viral

Finding influencers to generate word of mouth

Addressing objections through marketing

Addressing objections – continued

1 simple way to change people’s minds

Case Study – Harvard Business Review

Don’t ask for annoying information upfront

Persuasion and Influence


Scarcity in Ecommerce


Familiarity, Likeability, and Influence


Pricing Psychology

Ask for commitments

Communicate Frequently

Don’t convince people to buy what they don’t need


Associations and Clustering


Be careful about giving “air time” to negative things

People don’t like surprises

Cold emails as a demonstration of marketing psychology

Case Study – Cheers

Case Study – Agoda

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