Make YouTube Thumbnails & Get More Views (Photoshop +Online)

Get More Views & Grow Your Channel with Thumbnails That work! See my YouTube analytics and Learn What. Thumbnail Needs!

What you will learn

Thumbnails That Get More Views

How Different Niches on YouTube Need Different Types on Thumbnails

How to Research Your Niche to See What Thumbnails Will Work For Your Channel

How to Get A successful Video By Planning Your Thumbnail First

How to Design a Thumbnail in PhotoShop

How to Design a Thumbnail with Free Software Online

How to Use Analytics to See Which Thumbnails are Most Successful


I will show you how to create thumbnails that get more clicks in Adobe Photoshop and also on a FREE online site that is just like Photoshop, so no matter if you have Adobe Suite or not you’ll be able to create amazing Thumbnails that grow channels!

The Thumbnail is the most important part of a youtube video. If no one clicks, it doesn’t matter how good the video is… no one will see. It is crucial to get this right.

I have tested thumbnails on my own channels; removed, changed, taken down and reedited to see the effects a good thumbnail has on a videos and channels success. Let me share with you the secrets to get growth.

Also, there is not a one-size0fits-all with thumbnails. Depending on both your niche and demographic of viewers, your thumbnails success with depend on several factors…. let’s learn!

First we’ll discuss the theory of why the thumbnail is so important and look at my analytics and see how we’ve changed as an audience, knowledgeable with clickbait and how thumbnails that worked 5 years ago wont today. Also “real” looking thumbnail over “staged” and different results in different niches.

Also, get personal feed-back by commenting on the course below the lectures and i’ll get back to all of you personally.




What is This Course About & What You’ll Learn
What You’ll Need for this Course…Let’s Go!
1-on-1 Help & Feedback Included in This Course!
Why the Thumbnail Means Everything!


Introduction to Research (Really why you need it)
Why the thumbnail is important, see my analytics for proof!
Know Your Niche
Know Your Demographic
Know How to research Your Niche (Really)
Thumbnail Examples in Different Niches

Breaking the Thumbnail Down

Introduction: Breaking the Thumbnail Down in to 3 Sections
Use BOGY Colors
Text (Yes or no)
Visualizing Your Thumbnail First
16. Thumbnails are changing “real” vs “staged”.mov
Let’s Shoot a Thumbnail with a Phone!

Making the Thumbnail Step by Step in Photoshop

Introduction – Here’s how it works
Getting Photoshop for Free (trial) and Options
Getting the Right Size for Your Thumbnails and Basic Photoshop Tools
Let’s Begin Creating and the Rules (copyright)
Your Thumbnail Background and Editing That
Cutting Out Images & People + Color Correction (Flawless Skin Hack)
Adding Text, Font, Shadows, Outline
Extras You Might Need and See the Finished Thumbnail

Make Amazing Thumbnail with FREE online Software (

Intro to FREE version of Photoshop online
Getting the Right Size for Your Youtube Thumbnail
Your Thumbnail Background and Editing That
Cutting Out Images & People + Color Correction (Flawless Skin Hack)
Adding Text, Font, Shadows, Outline
Extras You Might Need and Finishing the Thumbnail

Extra Section: Titles That Get Clicks (3 Part Rule)

Introduction to Titles
Search Ranking Titles
Titles for Intrigue & to “Confirm the Click”
Rules for the Perfect Title Structure (Format You Can Use)


Course Conclusion & Get Involved


Bonus Lecture

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