Make Title FX in Adobe Premiere Pro

Get creative with titles with 10 mini lessons to get you thinking about more you can do with them in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What you will learn

How to make titles in a lower thirds motion graphic template

How to place titles behind subjects using a masking effect

How to scale titles from small to large and make them move from left to right

How to change the color of titles to a gradient fill

How to make feature film end credits roll from the bottom to the top

How to add a glowing effect like a neon storefront sign in a window

And so much more!


10 Different Lessons on what you can to make your titles more engaging.

What we will do in these lessons:

1.  PLACE TITLES BEHIND SUBJECT – Now this lesson makes more sense and is definitely something we are seeing a lot of. Use masking to cut away the video and place the title in between the top layer and bottom layer, and then add motion to the title to make it appear as it is behind the subject in the video.

2. STRANGER THINGS – Overall, this may not be something you’ll want to do, as it did take me several hours. BUT … Check out something crazy like how to replicate Stranger Things and see all that went into making those titles shake and illuminate and even glow with a bright hot orange.  This is highly complicated, but fun to see just how many things you can do with Premiere.

3. LOWER THIRDS – You will always need a lower third when someone is talking on the screen. This lesson shows you how to place a lower thirds title in the right or lefthand side of the screen where the title of the talent is placed. Adobe offers .mogrt files that are already embedded into the program that you can dimply drag and drop into your sequence timeline.

4. TYPEWRITER EFFECT – If you’re nostalgic,  you’ll remember the days of the typewriter. Still an occasional favorite.

5.  ADD COLOR TO TITLES – Not just a color, but what about gradience and opacity? This lesson is more than just changing colors it gives you a dynamic look that is more than just one solid color with just a few clicks.

6. FADE AND BLUR – We always see titles fade in or out, but another creative way to make them unique is to blur them out. I use keyframes to start the gaussian blur effect and punch it up to gradually blur out the title completely. A great effect for your next feature film.


7. NEON SIGN – Back to glowing with a neon sign.  Rounded like a lightbulb, this will emulate that neon sign in the store window that has a 3d tube-like bulb with a glowing filament inside.

8. KEY OUT LETTERS – Change it up with footage instead of a solid color. Adding a color key filter and replacing it with the video underneath is something additional you might think about in terms of giving one more layer of movement inside a static title.

9.  GOOGLE SEARCH TITLE – Cropping from left to right, google had a commercial where people typed in the search bar. You can always to a screen record but if you ever want to use the cropping tool to move from left to right with keyframes, I can show you how to do that.


A cool way to circle around a title like using a pen or paintbrush to highlight a title is what you’ll find in this lesson.

11. END CREDITS ROLL – Your rolling credits at the end of a feature film. Starting from the bottom to the top, gently pull the titles off the screen for your starting point and have them scroll all the way off to the top. You can even adjust how fast you want them to scroll, or make them slow like a real feature film.

I hope you enjoy learning how to make your titles more unique in this 10 lesson one our course in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Make Cool Title FX in Premiere Pro

Place Titles Behind the Subject
How to Make “Stranger Things” Titles
Make a Lower Thirds Title
Typewriter Effect
Add Color to Titles
Fade Titles and Blur Them Out
Make a Neon Sign Title
Key Out Letters with Video Footage
A Google Commercial Search Bar Effect
Write on Your Video
Making End Credits Roll

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