Live crypto trading masterclass 2023

The Place Where Consistently Profitable Cryptocurrency Traders Converge To Win More Trades and Make More Money.

What you will learn

How to Trade LONG or SHORT Based on The Price Conditions of The BITCOIN Market Price.

How to Identify The Most Current Bullish or Bearish Trend Sections of The Best Performing Crytocurrency Pairs.

How to Plan Out Your Trade Entry, Stop-loss, and Take-Profit Prices on The 4Hours Candlesticks Price Chart Data of The Cryptocurrency Pair.

How to Decide your Live Trade Entry and Exit Conditions.


Hey Traders a recent CNBC article reveals that 76% of adults are making lifestyle changes to prepare for a potential recession and inflation in 2023.

The question is! Are you concerned about the state of the world economy and how it could impact your ability to make more money to support your family?

The best part!

Right Now is the best time to start your Crypto Trading business cos it’s the best time to learn how to minimize losses and maximize profits.

You see, when I first started my Crypto Trading business, I only had little bit of money to work with so I know what it’s like to start small while wanting to massively grow your wealth as quickly as possible.

That’s why I created this Live Crypto Trading Masterclass 2023 to show you exactly how to make a quit your job type income each month with a  simple Crypto Trading process.

This is a Crypto Trading process that I found five years ago and I named it the TREND-SCRAPERS TECHNIQUE.

Make no mistakes; the candlesticks price chart data of any CRYPTOCURRENCY pair is divided into Bullish Trend Sections and Bearish Trend Sections of the CRYPTOCURRENCY price action.

And that’s absolutely all that you’d ever need to perform proper technical analysis of any CRYPTOCURRENCY Pair.

And this is a no guessing Crypto Trading process that you can start using right away and you’ll see the proof in just a minute.

The quickness of how price action moves in the CRYPTOCURRENCY Markets creates several opportunities to buy on the way up and short-sell on the way down before the CRYPTOCURRENCY Pair fades into oblivion a few days later.

Make no mistakes, Crypto Trading is not a get rich quick type of business but small gains can add up over time and you can potentially grow a small Crypto Trading account exponentially.

We’ve seen massive spikes in the price action of most CRYPTOCURRENCY pairs and nobody knows why but it’s a great opportunity to make more money online.

And Here’s proof!

On the 26th of JULY 2022, the WING/USDT CRYPTOCURRENCY pair bounced up by 1,015.36% from $5.62 to $62.65 in 2days and 20hours

And most of our Crypto Trading Community members turned $100 to over $500 in 2days.

And next-up, On the 1st of January, 2020. the SOL/USDT CRYPTOCURRENCY pair bounced up by 17,245.74% from $1.50 to $259.95 in 485days.

And most of our Crypto Trading Community members turned $50 to over $25,000 in 1Year.

And next-up, On the 23rd of MARCH, 2020 the DREP/USDT CRYPTOCURRENCY pair bounced up by 497,479.36% from $0.0010 to $4.8183 in 1year.

And most of our Crypto Trading Community members turned $50 to over $20,000 in 1year.

And next-up, On the 6th of December 2022. the TKO/USDT CRYPTOCURRENCY pair bounced up by 105.25% from $0.284 to $0.583 in 1day and 8hours

And most of our Crypto Trading Community members turned $100 to over $180 in 1day.

And finally, on the 1st of December 2022, the HOOK/USDT CRYPTOCURRENCY pair bounced up by 4,904.03% from $0.0999 to $5.0002 in 4Hours

And most of our Crypto Trading Community members turned $100 to over $5000 in 4Hours.

Now can you imagine making the same profits again and again?

So if you want to get started but don’t have a lot of money to burn or time to waste, it’s the best time to join this Live Crypto Trading Community.

Because if you are trying to grow a small Crypto Trading account, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

You need to follow a proven and idiot proof technique right from the day one or else you can wipe out your entire Crypto Trading account with one wrong move.

Make no mistakes; this simple Crypto trading system can help you make gains that add up to change your financial situation.

As you can see, with a small Crypto trading account, you can potentially grow your wealth like crazy in a few months.

In fact I’ve condensed over ten years of crypto trading experience into this mini course so that you can concentrate on what’s more important to your crypto trading success.

The secret to being a consistently profitable cryptocurrency trader is to master the art of minimizing losses and maximizing profits.

So I’ll be your drill surgeon as you study the lectures, quizzes and assignments from this Live Crypto Trading Masterclass 2023.

                                      Here’s what you also get…

Every week I build a full watch-list of CRYPTOCURRENCY pairs to trade and give you a full breakdown of a special opportunity in the CRYPTOCURRENCY Markets.

Remember there are hundreds of CRYPTOCURRENCY Pairs to choose from, but when we apply the TrendScrapers technique – we are already ahead of the everyday crypto trader.

I’ll give you a full breakdown of the CRYPTOCURRENCY Pairs to trade and you’ll see exactly why I believe they could make you the next consistently profitable CRYPTOCURRENCY Trader.

I will show you how to build a trading plan for each and every trade which includes identifying the best Entry, Stop-loss and Take-profit prices in great detail.

And Finally, I’ll show you how to combine various live trades to see some extraordinary gains.

I’ve seen traders struggle to find the best performing CRYPTOCURRENCY pairs to trade using the wrong trading process – But I’ve already taken away the struggles from you.

Of course, you always have to make the best choice for your own financial situation…

But I’m proud to say that the Live Crypto Trading Masterclass Members have had the chance to make some sizable gains.

So click the Buy Button  right now to join this Formidable LIVE CRYPTO TRADING COMMUNITY.

And I’ll see you inside soon.





How To Perform Proper Technical Analysis Of Any Cryptocurrency Pair.

Candlesticks Price Chart – Red/Green Candlesticks
Candlesticks Time Frames – 1 Minute – 1 Month
Candlesticks Trends
Zigzag Nature Of The Crypto Price Action

Adopt A Proven Profitable Crypto Trading Strategy.

Trend Scrapers Trading Strategy.
Bullish and Bearish Trend Sections.
Bullish Trend Section – How To Trade LONG.
Bearish Trend Section – How To Trade SHORT.
How To Plan Your Trade Entry, Stop-loss and Take-Profit Prices On The Chart.

Test Your Crypto Trading Skills Now.


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