LIFE DIRECTION – following true north

Learn to navigate the big picture and become the author of your experience.

What you will learn

Big picture planning

Life mapping

Learn how to prioritise at the macro scale

Learn how to plan at any level


WITHOUT learning and applying the principles in this course, you will:

Consistently live with frustration

Create self-sabotage unknowingly

Consistently experience regret

Experience lowered self-esteem

Feel victimised

Feel at the beck and call of an outside force

Consistently swing between the emotions of excessive ecstasy and self-deprivation

Be caught up in band aide solutions

Experience haphazard planning

WITH learning and applying the principles in this course, you will:

Experience a sense of order and timeliness

Experience the wonder of feeling in control

Align your highest priorities so they work in harmony

Avoid self-sabotage

Enjoy a robust self-esteem

Feel a sense of inner ‘know-how’ and competency

Experience an improve long term mood

Experience less disappointments and upsets from others

To make the most of your moments, days, weeks, quarters and years. For your moments become hours, your hours become days, your days become your weeks, your weeks become months and months become years. If you are unclear on your priorities on the weekly scale, how you will you achieve dreams on a grand scale?

If you do not take control of your focus, you will likely be run by the urgent quadrants. It will feel as though you are making progress, but in reality you may simple be ‘spinning your wheels,’ without truly doing your important priorities.

If you take control of your focus, you will feel clear headed and positive. You will develop greater self-esteem and increase your level of personal power and agency.



Life Mapping

Life Mapping



Big Rocks

Big Rocks

Smarter Goals

Smarter Goals



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