Learn to create and sell your own NFT using Solidity

Create your own NFT from scratch using Solidity, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin and Alchemy.

What you will learn

Blockchain Knowledge

Create a NFT from scratch

Solidity implementation

Use of Hardhat and Metamask

Working with IPFS

Publish NFT on OpenSea marketplace


NFTs are on-trend right now; everyone is looking to buy a unique and profitable NFT, and creators and developers are taking advantage of this opportunity. NFTs exist on a blockchain, which is a distributed public ledger that records transactions. You’re probably most familiar with blockchain as the underlying process that makes cryptocurrencies possible. Specifically, NFTs are typically held on the Ethereum blockchain, although other blockchains support them as well.

A Non-Fungible Token means that it is a unique token that has no other token like it. This is different from the ERC-20s, which are fungible. Fungible means “replaceable” or “interchangeable.”

With NFTs bringing blockchain into the public eye, now is an excellent opportunity to understand the hype yourself by publishing your own NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFTs have generated a lot of attention and become a reality in the arts and entertainment worlds. Yet, beyond these early applications, many real-world business use cases — from licensing and certifications to real estate to supply chain management and logistics — are still at an early stage.

In this course, you will learn to create and deploy an ERC-721 smart contract on the Rinkeby test network using MetaMask, Solidity, Hardhat, Pinata and Alchemy. We will do everything from scratch so that you can understand all the necessary concepts precisely. From setting up a new project, deploying our smart contract, minting our NFT and then finally listing it for sell in OpenSea marketplace.




What is NFT and its use cases
ERC 721 vs ERC 1155

Setup development environment

Install hardhat and its dependencies
Alchemy and Metamask account

Creating NFT Solidity Contract

ERC-721 contract using Openzeppelin

Create NFT meta data & upload to IPFS

Uploading images to Pinata
Create Meta data and upload to Pinata

Deploy Smart Contract to Ethereum

Writing the deployment script

Minting the NFT

Creating a minting script
View NFT in Metamask wallet

Sell on Opensea Marketplace

View and Sell your NFT in OpenSea

Download the code

Get the Complete Code

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