Learn Python by making games with Pygame Zero of Mu Editor

You can enhance your Python programming skills by exploring game development with Pygame Zero and the Mu Editor.

What you will learn

Python Programming

Game Development

Mu Editor

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)


Introducing our latest video course – Learn Python Programming from Scratch through Game Development!

This exciting course is designed to help you learn Python programming in a fun and engaging way, by developing your very own games from scratch. No prior programming experience is required, as we will guide you through each step of the process, from setting up your development environment to coding your first game.

Using the user-friendly Mu Editor, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows, you will have no trouble following along with the tutorials and exercises. The step-by-step instructions are easy to understand, even for beginners, and you’ll quickly gain confidence in your coding abilities as you build simple games.

This comprehensive course will cover a wide range of essential Python topics, including but not limited to:

– An understanding of all datatypes, such as integers, strings, floats, booleans, lists, tuples, and dictionaries.

– Mastering the art of classes and object-oriented programming.

– Comprehensive coverage of inheritance, including both simple and complex concepts.

– Learning to control the flow of your code using conditional statements like if, while, for, and match.

– Understanding the power of functions and how to effectively pass information between them.

By taking this course, you will gain a solid foundation in Python programming and be well-equipped to tackle any programming challenge that comes your way. So why wait? Enroll now and start your journey towards mastering Python!




Chapter 1: Pygame Zero and Mu Editor

Chapter 2: Creating Window in Pygame Zero

1. How to Create Window
2. How to Fill Window with Color
3. RGB Color Value

Chapter 3: Drawing Shapes & Text in Pygame Zero

1. How to Draw Line
2. How to Draw Circle
3. How to Fill Circle with Color
4. How to Draw Rectangle
5. How to Fill Rectangle with Color
6. How to Draw Text

Chapter 4.1: Drawing Object in Pygame Zero

1. How to Find Free Image in Kenny
2. How to Draw Alien
3. How to Move Alien
4. How to Change Speed of Alien
5. How to Move Alien to Left
6. How to Move Alien Upward
7. How to Move Alien Downward
8. How to Move Alien Diagonally

Chapter 5.1: Creating Game Loop Using For Loop

1. How to Repeat with For Loop
2. How to Break For Loop
3. How to Skip Repetition in For Loop

Chapter 5.2: Creating Game Loop Using While Loop

1. How to Repeat with While Loop
2. How to Break While Loop
3. How to Skip Repetition in While Loop

Chapter 6: Conditional Statement in Pygame Zero

1. How to Check Condition using If Statement
2. How to Check Two Conditions using If-Else Statement
3. How to Check Multiple Conditions using If-Elif-Else Statement

Chapter 7.1: List in Pygame Zero

1. How to Access List Item using Positive Index Number
2. How to Access List Item using Negative Index Number
3. How to Loop over List
4. How to Find Length of List
5. How to Change Item in List
6. How to Find Item in List

Chapter 7.2 List Manipulation in Pygame Zero

1. How to Append Item to List
2. How to Insert Item in List
3. How to Extend List with Another List
4. How to Contain Image in List
5. How to Remove Item from List
6. How to Pop Item from List
7. How to Sort Item in List
8. How to Sort List in Descending Order
9. How to Reverse Order of List

Chapter 8.1: Dictionary in Pygame Zero

1. What is Dictionary in Python?
2. How to Access Value in Dictionary
3. How to Change Value in Dictionary
4. How to Draw All Keys and Values

Chapter 8.2: Dictionary Manipulation

1. How to Add Item in Dictionary
2. How to Remove Item in Dictionary
3. How to Draw Key in Dictionary
4. How to Draw Value in Dictionary

Chapter 9.1: Class and Object in Pygame Zero

1. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
2.1 Preparation for Class: How to Draw Circle
2.2 Preparation for Class: How to Move Circle
3. Preparation for Class: How to Speed Up Circle
4. How to Write Class
5. How to Create Instance from Class
6. Class Constructors and Instance Initialization
7. How to Create Instances Calling Constructor in Class

Chapter 9.2: Class and Random Module in Pygame Zero

1. How to Create Multiple Objects using For Loops and List
2. How to Generate Random Number
3. How to Generates Random Floating Number
4. How to Randomly Choose Element from List

Chapter 10.1: Driving Car in Pygame Zero

1. How to Draw Car
2. How to Move Car Upward
3. How to Turn Car
4. How to Keep Car Rotating
5. How to Move Car Diagonally

Chapter 10.2: Controlling Car in Pygame Zero

1. How to Control Car with Keyboard
2. How to Control Car with Keyboard
3. How to Control Car with Mouse
4. How to Schedule Function to Happen in Future
5. How to Detect Collision

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