Learn Project and Project Management Case Studies

Understanding Project, Stages and Role in our Professional Life.

What you will learn

Defines Project, Its Introduction and Setting the final goals.

Defines Planning, Resource Planning and Costing.

Identification of Milestones, Execution Planning and Monitoring.

Understanding the Project Finance and maintaining cash flows.


  • How to work on starting the project and its feasibility.
  • How to initiate and complete it.
  • How to plan resources and material.
  • Discussion of failures and their causes.
  • How to plan and complete the completion tasks.
  • How to make you financial and non financial tasks.
  • Planning and determining the milestones in project timeline.
  • How to compete with other project companies and how to access data.
  • Choosing the profitable and workable project.
  • Understanding and distribution of cash flows.
  • Pictorial Case Study and Quiz to understand the learning.
  • Case study and examples describing importance of timelines and stages.
  • How to choose material and quality of material for jobs.
  • Importance of safety procedures.
  • Monitoring and Controlling procedures of Project.
  • Design of Project planning sheet.
  • How to work on red and green flags between the timelines.
  • Defining of Rework and its effects on project costing.
  • Finance bottlenecks and their effects on execution and project closure.
  • Describing of warranty period in projects and retention amount.
  • Definition of different processes in project closure.
  • Importance of planning the movements and coordination in projects.
  • How to build a good project company and clientele.
  • Difference between low cost and high cost projects and their aspects.
  • Importance of completion and house keeping, its effect on warranty period.



Introduction to Project and Project Management.

Defining Project Aspects and Its Strategies.

Planning, Costing and Setting Milestones.
Resource Planning, Execution and Project Finance.
Completion, Project Checklists and Lecture Revisions.
Case Study of Project Management Processes and Achievements.
Self Assessment and Understanding of Course.

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