Learn HTML in 2 Hours (2023)

Learn the basics of HTML from scratch with 50 lessons and 50+ examples

What you will learn

Learn HTML from scratch

Get HTML Crash Course

Learn how to work with HTML concepts

Learn HTML with live running examples of web pages

Additionally, learn CSS styles


In this Video Course, learn HTML and its concept. HTML is a standard markup language for documents to be displayed on a web page. The course is for beginners and consists of 50 lessons, covering some CSS concepts as well.

The course begins with HTML Introduction and how to create your first HTML web page in 2 minutes. Then the basic structure of a website is created, with formatting text, adding images, links, Tables. With that, we have also covered the CSS styles used in an HTML web page.

Note: The flow would be step-by-step and the explanations would include a tutorial-like format, to make it easier for beginners to understand with a simple structure of the web page and its concepts, with live running web pages as examples. With that, we have also created some quizzes to polish your HTML skills.

**Course Highlights**

  • 50 lessons
  • 2h video with live running examples
  • 50+ examples
  • 50+ downloadable resources
  • 15+ Quizzes to polish your skills after learning from the lessons

While learning, you will get an opportunity to work on various hands-on exercises and understand the role of responsive web design with the flow.

**HTML5 Text Tutorial**

Also provided free HTML5 Text Tutorial E-book PDF as a bonus, arranged according to key chapters covered in HTML.



HTML Basics – Getting Started

Introduction and Create an HTML Document
Headings in HTML
Title in HTML
Paragraphs in HTML
Understanding head in HTML
Horizontal Rule in HTML
Comments in HTML
HTML Quiz 1

HTML Formatting

Make Text Bold
Make Text Italic
Create Small Font
Mark Inserted Text
Mark Deleted Text
Mark Strikethrough Text
Superscript Text
HTML Quiz 2 (Formatting)


Stylesheets in HTML
External Stylesheet in HTML
Internal CSS in HTML
Inline CSS in HTML
Set background color in HTML
Change text color in HTML
Underline a text in HTML
Change text size in HTML
Change text font family in HTML
Change Text Alignment in HTML
Set text direction in HTML
Display text right to left in HTML
Change alignment of heading in HTML
HTML Quiz 3 (CSS Styles)

Images in HTML

Insert Image in a web page
Image height and width attributes in HTML
Set Image on a web page in HTML
How to use image as a link in HTML
Set background image on a web page in HTML
Set image on a web page from external website
Set image on a web page from local computer in HTML
Make an image responsive in HTML
Floating image in HTML
HTML Quiz 4

Links in HTML

Add Links on a web page
The href attribute in HTML
Insert Hyperlink in HTML
Change color of links in HTML
Change the target of a link in HTML
Remove underline from a link in HTML
Create a link to send email in HTML
Create a link to send email with subject in HTML
HTML Quiz 5

HTML Quotation and Citation

Quotation Marks in HTML
Blockquote in HTML
Markup postal address in HTML
Abbreviation or Acronym in HTML
Set work title in HTML
HTML Quiz 6

HTML Tables

Create tables in an HTML web page
Create table header in HTML
Create table rows & columns in HTML
Set table width in HTML
Set table cell padding in HTML
Set cell width and height in HTML
Merge table cells in HTML
Merge table columns in HTML
Table rowspan and colspan in HTML
Set horizontal header for a table
Set vertical header for a table
HTML Quiz 7

Additional Content (HTML5 Text Tutorial)

HTML5 Downloadable Resources (25+)

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