Learn ETABS & SAFE in the Structural Design of 15 Stories RC

Analysis and design of 15 stories and one basement R.C Building on ETABS and SAFE software including earthquake design.

What you will learn

Structural design of R.C building from A to Z included all structural element (columns, beams, all types of slabs, all types of foundations, shear walls, earthquake and wind design, check deflection, how we can determine the dimensions of the elements)


This course not just a tutorial on software ETABS and SAFE but it is a complete understanding about structural design analysis, how civil engineer must begin with the project, how he/she must think, how we can determine the dimension of the element before modeling them check it in the software. In this course we will design a 15 stories of a residential buildings, within the work we will define and design all types of slabs such as (waffle slab, one way ribbed slab, two way ribbed slab, flat slab and solid slab), all types of foundations such as (isolated,combined,strip and mat), earthquake with static and dynamic case, wind loads, columns and beams and shear walls + Advanced lectures in ETABS + Advanced lecture in SAFE  and AllPile (design piles deep foundation of a tower of 25 stories) + design a swimming pool in ETABS

Example 2 Design a mosque with the Dome and minaret + piles foundation of the minaret to resist tension stresses in foundation we will use in the design ETABS, SAFE, SAP2000 software + learn how to design beams using SAP2000 + how to model the dome in ETABS or SAP2000

How to Model dampers in ETABS (Fluid Viscous damper FVD) and show the effect f using this type of damper on story displacement of the building

How create report and detailing drawings in ETABS




Introduction Part 1 Description of the project and course
Introduction Part 2 Definition of Waffle slabs, types, thickness of Waffle Slab
Introduction Part 3 Waffle Slab Type 2 or Two Way Ribbed Slab
Introduction Part 4 One Way Ribbed Slab
Introduction Part 5 Flat Slab
Introduction Part 6 Solid Slab
Introduction Part 7 Stairs
Lecture 1: Export from AutoCad to ETABS quick method of drawing and modeling
Lecture 2 Define number of stories, heights, and grids on Etabs
Lecture 3 Define Materials
Lecture 4 Define Sections
Lecture 5 Shear Walls Drawings and Pier Labels assign
Lecture 6 Retaining Walls Drawing
Lecture 7 Columns Drawing
Lecture 8 Beams Drawing
Lecture 9 Stairs Drawing
Lecture 10 Slabs Drawing
Lecture 11 Meshing of Slabs and Walls
Lecture 12 Supports Modeling
Lecture 13 Define loads on slabs
Lecture 14 Loads on the beams
Lecture 15 Define earthquake Loads static case
Lecture 16 Define Earthquake Loads Dynamic case
Lecture 17 Define wind loads
Lecture 18 Define Diaphragms
Lecture 19 Define mass source
Lecture 20 Define modal cases
Lecture 21 Define stiffness modifiers
Lecture 22 Check the model
Lecture 23 Define loads combinations
Lecture 24 Center of mass and center of rigidity
Lecture 25 Scale earthquake loads
Lecture 26 Check story displacement
Lecture 27 Check story drift
Lecture 28 Columns design
Lecture 29 Shear wall design
Lecture 30 Prepare the model for exporting to safe
Lecture 31 Check Deflection in Safe
Lecture 32 Waffle Slab and beams design
Lecture 33 Ribbed slab design
Lecture 34 Flat and solid slabs design and punching shear check
Lecture 35 Isolated foundation design
Lecture 36 Combined foundation design
Lecture 37 Strip foundation design
Lecture 38 Mat foundation design
Thank you
Advanced Tricks in ETABS to change the model.
Advanced How to Draw L Shape column in ETABS with section designer
Advanced How to draw Stairs in ETABS
Advanced Design a swimming pool in ETABS
Advanced P-delta check in ETABS
Lecture 52: Advanced SAFE Design Piles foundation in ETABS, SAFE and ALLPILES
Lecture 53 Advanced ASCE code earthquake definition
Lecture 54: Advanced Nonlinear Pushover Analysis
Lecture 55: Advanced Soft story check irregularity
Lecture 56: Example 2 Design of a mosque: definition and prepare DXF file
Lecture 57: Example 2 Design of a mosque: modeling in ETABS
Lecture 58: Analysis and design of columns, slab and beams in ETABS SAFE and SAP
Lecture 59: Example 2 Design of a mosque: Analysis and design of the Dome in SAP
Lecture 60: Analysis and design of the minaret + foundation in ETABS and SAFE
Lecture 61: Create report and detailing drawings in ETABS
Lecture 62: Modeling fluid viscous dampers FVD to resist lateral loads in ETABS
Lecture 63: Assign temperature loads to the building in ETABS

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