Learn essential skills to Interview & hire right candidates

Self learning tutorial for Interviewers

What you will learn

Understand responsibilities in the selection of new employees

Prepare to interview

Impress candidates by presenting details about the company

Evaluate candidates’ performance and record in a quantitative manner

Understand how to choose the right questions to assess potential of the candidates


Manager’s performance is the aggregate performance of the team. So, the managers always want a good set of people working in the group and contribute. When there is a new requirement for a skill and if a person has to be hired new, the managers like to hire the right person. A training on interviewing is imminent for the managers, especially for the newly promoted managers and for the HR personnel participating in the interviewing process.
This is an overview of the course on “Prepare to interview and hire the right candidates” that is designed to educate on interviewing process, questions and the good answers. The type of questions to ask in interview is challenging but the course gives a clear guideline as to the way interviewers have to choose and keep them ready well ahead of the interview.

The learners also understand the role as a member in the panel of interviewers. The course also covers how to reduce subjectivity by quantifying the candidate’s performance.

Recruiting from Campus is a marathon project because of possibly a large number of participation and a short time to complete the selection process. This has been explained in detail with a tentative time table that will help organizations to be more organized and prepared to do a thorough job of recruiting in institutions.




Promo Video
Overview of the Course
Know your teacher

Candidates are choosy

Candidates evaluate the company
Campus Recruitment

Process makes the difference

Unexpected outcomes
Choosing Interview Questions

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