Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Certification

Learn how to deliver full end to end projects using a Lean Six Sigma approach and key tools.

What you will learn

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma


Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Tools

DMAIC Project Management

Root cause analysis

Project management


Lean Six Sigma is an extremely powerful methodology, capable of saving organisations vast amounts of money and time. Having the skills, knowledge and understanding given by Lean Six Sigma is increasingly important in todays workplace. Organisations want their employees and consultants to know how to make processes more efficient, how to increase the quality of products and how to save time and money that can ultimately be reinvested back into the organisation.

This Yellow Belt course will develop your knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, enabling you to deliver full end to end projects using this methodology. In this course we will cover:

– Quality. What quality is, its importance and delivery options.

– Lean. What is Lean, its history, the 8 key wastes, value adding and non-value adding steps, how to create value within your process and more.

– Six Sigma. What is Six Sigma, its history, good quality vs. Six Sigma quality, the project management approach of DMAIC, roles and more.


– The customer. Looking at the voice of the customer and establishing what is critical to quality.

– The DMAIC end to end project management process: The bulk of the course will show you how to identify, build and deliver successful projects using the Lean Six Sigma methodology, and how to ensure you maximise its benefits!

– Exam. As well as tools and other resources, an exam and certificate of completion is offered at the end of this course.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to deliver project support or full end to end projects using the Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools. This skill is now in high demand as organisations look to stay competitive in todays market, so delivering savings and efficiencies on a large scale will set you apart from the crowd.


What is the purpose of this course?

Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma

What is quality?
Why a focus on quality is important
The 7 tools of quality
Section quiz


What is Lean?
History of Lean
VA vs. NVA
Creating value
Section quiz

Six Sigma

What is Six Sigma?
History of Six Sigma
Good quality vs. Six Sigma quality
Six Sigma in action
Belts & roles
Section quiz


Y = f(x)
Pre-project activities
Section quiz


Purpose of define
Project Charter
Project Charter: Project name
Project Charter: Problem statement
Project Charter: Business case
Project Charter: Goals statement
Project Charter: Scope
Project Charter: Roles
Project Charter: Timeline
Project Plan
Stakeholder Analysis
Communication Plan
SIPOC mapping
VOC Capture
VOC capture: Who is our customer?
VOC capture: Interviews
VOC capture: Point of use observation
VOC capture: Focus groups
VOC capture: Surveys
VOC capture: Kano Analysis
VOC Capture: CTQ Tree
Section quiz


Purpose of measure
Map out the process
Data Collection Plan
Data collection
Identify the key Ys
Check process stability & capability
Section quiz


Purpose of analyse
Establish process Sigma
Root cause analysis: An introduction
RCA: Fishbone Diagram
RCA: 5 Whys
Identify the key Xs
Control Impact Matrix
Analyse the process
Gap analysis
Section quiz


Purpose of improve
Develop potential solutions
Solution selection: An introduction
SS: Solution Selection Matrix
SS: Multivoting
Pilot test
Implementation Plan
Implement solution
Map new process
Section quiz


Purpose of control
Control Plan
Control measures
Control charts
Documentation update
Benefits realisation
Close project
Section quiz

Case study

Case study example of LSS YB being deployed

Close out

Review of key learnings
Hints and tips
Thank you

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