Leadership Mindset – Confidence

Confidence, your difference is your superpower

What you will learn

Leadership Mindset. Confidence

Understand what can cause Low Confidence

Employ tools to build your confidence

Learn about the person you have the most conversations with


Module 1: What is Confidence – Envision yourself at your most confident. What circumstances or situations bring out this confident version of yourself? Take a moment to write down this vision. Be specific about the feelings and actions associated with your confident self.

Consider external influences that shape your perception of confidence. Is there a person you admire for their confidence? How does their presence impact you?

Module 2: Low Confidence – Have you ever felt judged or misunderstood. Have you ever found yourself in situations where the fabric of who you are has drained your confidence to even look at yourself?

Module 3 – Finding Confidence – Think about a time you achieved something you initially doubted.

Module 4 – Building Confidence – Your confidence is a perishable skill so it’s going to take all of your intent, but as you know because of our previous task, we have the experience in us to build and even raise our confidence.


Emphasize the perishable nature of confidence and the need for constant nurturing.

Module 5 – Self Talk – Now we shift our focus inward. To the most frequent and influential conversations we’ll ever have: the ones with ourselves. Our self-talk, the internal dialogue we engage in, plays a pivotal role in shaping our confidence and overall well-being. The words we choose, the tone we adopt – they all build or diminish who we are.

Module 6 – Your Superpower – Wherever you may be in it right now – you can push for more, you can improve and you can have self confidence and belief in yourself, and you will embrace your superpower and you will use your super power for good by contributing positively to everyone around you.

Epilogue – Our journey doesn’t end here; it merely transforms. I provide some book recommendations for you to continue building.

Your thoughts and feedback are welcomed.


Introduction trailer
What is confidence?
Low Confidence
Finding Confidence
Building Confidence
Confidence – A Conversation wth yourself
Confidence – Your Superpower
Confidence – Epilogue, Book recommendations to continue and gratitude.

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