Knitting: Complete tutorial on how to knit a sarafan dress

knit a beautiful sarafan dress with all the tips and become a professional knitter

What you will learn

You will learn how to cast on, cast off and increase the stitches

You will learn how to knit with a circular needle

You will learn how to knit a beautiful sundress for different sizes

You will learn how to decorate your knitted dress and make it more beautiful by crocheting


Knitting is a very popular handmade art that with learning it you can knit different clothes with different designs. In this course, we will help you in simple language so that you can knit a beautiful sarafan. This sarafan dress can be used for any age. Both for beautiful little girls and for adults with good taste. In this course, step by step, we will learn very practical and useful tips in the form of a project, and we will broaden and update our knitting knowledge. we will teach you how to calculate the number of stitches that you need to cast on, so that you can knit this dress in any size you want.

In this course, we knit the upper part of the dress with stockinette stitch knitting and the skirt with the ribstitch knitting. You can knit this dress with any kind of stitch knitting that you want.

The environment of this course is in a way that you will not get bored at all. And you will follow the tutorial with passion and enthusiasm. So, if you also want to progress in knitting and can easily knit such a beautiful sarafan, don’t waste time and join us.





Knitting top of the dress

How to cast on a sarafan dress and knit a collar
How to divide the back and front of dress
Dividing the back and front of the dress with a marker
Continue knitting the dress collar
Start knitting the top part of the dress. Where and how to increase stitches
Casting off the sleeve

Knitting bottom of the dress

Start knitting the sarafan skirt
Learning how to rib stitch knit a skirt
Casting off the bottom of the skirt
Decorating the bottom of the skirt with crocheting
Decoration around the armhole with crocheting
Knitting string for around sarafan dress waist

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