IT Deployments – Business & Technical Support Planning

Learn the processes and considerations involved in new site deployments and migrations of newly acquired IT environments

What you will learn

How to identify key services within your organisation and how a new site would be integrated with them

Regulatory considerations of operating a new business site, for example if this is in another country

Software and hardware compatibility considerations for newly acquired companies

How to get a performance baseline and know if your inter-site communications links need to be upgraded.


Over this course, you’ll learn the different aspects that you need to consider when either deploying equipment to a new site, or integrating a pre-existing IT environment from a recently acquired company, topics included on this course are as follows:

* Site Survey

* Identifying key services

* Regulatory considerations

* Software and hardware compatibility overview


* Identifying custom software and any considerations needed

* How to minimise service downtime during a migration

* Performance baselines

* Post-migration troubleshooting

Deployment Planning Overview
Planning processes & service provisioning
Site survey
Key services
New service provisioning
Regulatory considerations
Compatibility, services & software
Compatibility overview
Service availability
Service duplication
Custom software
Migration & post migration troubleshooting
Migration processes
Minimising service downtime
Performance baselines
Post migration troubleshooting

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