ISSEP Information Systems Security Engineering Professional

Mastering Information Systems Security: Elevate Your Career with ISSEP Certification

What you will learn

Understand the core concepts and principles of systems security engineering.

Identify and mitigate potential security risks in information systems.

Develop comprehensive security architectures for various IT systems

Apply ISSEP standards and methodologies in real-world scenarios.

Master the integration of security into all phases of system development

Evaluate and improve existing security measures in information systems.

Communicate effectively with stakeholders about security requirements.

Prepare for and successfully pass the ISSEP certification exam.

Develop critical thinking skills for security problem-solving


Course Description:

Embark on a transformative journey with our ISSEP Certification course, meticulously designed for professionals aspiring to excel in the field of information systems security engineering. This intensive program offers an in-depth exploration of the critical aspects of cybersecurity, tailored to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the esteemed ISSEP certification.

Key Highlights:

  • In-depth Curriculum: Delve into the core principles of systems security engineering, encompassing risk management, security architecture, and secure systems development.
  • Real-World Application: Learn how to apply theoretical concepts in practical scenarios, enhancing your ability to address real-world security challenges.
  • Expert Instruction: Benefit from the guidance of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity and systems engineering.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: Engage in dynamic discussions, case studies, and group activities that foster a collaborative learning experience.
  • Exam Preparation: Receive comprehensive preparation for the ISSEP exam, including study materials, practice questions, and test-taking strategies.

Who Should Enroll:

This course is ideal for cybersecurity professionals, IT managers, government defense personnel, security consultants, and academic researchers who are seeking to deepen their expertise and attain a globally recognized certification in information systems security.


Can I take the practice test more than once?

You can take each practical test multiple times.


What result is required?

The required grade for each practice test is 70% correct answers.

What is the time limit for one exam?

The time for each exam is 100 minutes.

Can I see my answers?

You can review all the answers for completing a given test.
Are there explanations for the answers?

There is a view of full explanations for each of the answers, both correct and incorrect.

Course Outcomes:

Upon completion, you will be adept at integrating security practices into various IT systems, proficient in identifying and mitigating security risks, and fully prepared to pass the ISSEP certification exam.

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