ISO 31000 Certified Risk Manager Program

ISO 31000 Certified Risk Manager Program
Mastering ISO 31000: A Comprehensive Risk Management Course

What you will learn

Demonstrate awareness of risk management principles and other underlying concepts of risk

Demonstrate the competencies to establish a risk management framework that is tailored to the needs and context of an organization

Show capability to apply the risk management process based on the recommendations of ISO 31000

Show awareness of the importance of integrating risk management into significant activities and functions of an organization

Have a more successful career in risk management

Distinguish yourself from other risk management professionals


Risk is present in every aspect of our life, from mundane everyday activities such as choosing a route to work, to complex corporate decisions such as opening a manufacturing plant in a different country. Much effort was put over the past decades to better understand risk and its nature, which led to the creation of methodologies and approaches that enable individuals and organizations to make accurate decisions based on logical reasoning.

One of the most distinguished frameworks to address risk is provided by ISO 31000, an international standard that incorporates principles, proven practices, and guidelines on managing risks faced by organizations.

What is ISO 31000?


ISO 31000 is an international standard that provides guidelines on managing any type of risk in any business activity. The standard provides guidelines on principles, risk management framework, and application of the risk management process.

ISO 31000 applies to organizations of all sizes seeking to integrate risk management into business functions. It covers the risk management principles which are the foundation for managing risk, and guides organizations in developing a risk management framework by:

  • Integrating risk management into organizational structures
  • Designing a framework for managing risk that fits the organization’s context
  • Implementing the risk management framework
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and continually improving the suitability and adequacy of the risk management framework
  • Demonstrating leadership and commitment (top management)

ISO 31000 considers the risk management process integral to overall management and decision-making. The risk management process can be applied on a strategic level and organization-wide, but it can also be applied to projects, products, and processes. ISO 31000 provides guidelines on risk communication and consultation, defining the scope, context, and criteria, risk assessment, risk treatment, monitoring and review, and lastly, recording and reporting of risks


course overview
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Course Materials

Introduction to ISO

Introduction to ISO
Why Are ISO Standards Important?
Drafting ISO standards
Overview of ISO certification process
ISO 31000 ERM Framework Overview
Challenges and Best Practices in Applying ISO 31000

Introduction to Risk Management

What is the Risk?
Risk Management
Risk Management Process
Risk Management Tenets and Principles
Risk Management Fundamentals
The Importance of Risk Management

ISO 31000 -2018 RISK Management

ISO 31000 -2018 RISK Management
ISO RISK Management process
ISO 31000 RISK Management Framework
ISO 31000 RISK Management Principles
Leadership and commitment

ISO 31000 -2018 Scope, context and criteria

Scope, context and criteria
Establish Organization Context
Internal and External context
Internal and External tools
Defining risk criteria
Risk Appetite
SWOT Analysis
PESTEL Analysis

ISO 31000 -2018 Communication and Consultation

Communication and Consultation
Forms of RISK Communication
Communication plan

ISO 31000 -2018 Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment
Approaches to risk assessment
Risk Assessment Types-part1
Risk Assessment Types-part2
Risk Assessment selection

ISO 31000 -2018 Risk Identification

Risk Identification
Risk identification criteria
Risk Categorization
Risk Identification Barriers
Risk Identification Mistakes
Identification Techniques

ISO 31000 -2018 -Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis Principles
RISK Likelihood
Risk Analysis Tools
Risk Assessment Matrix
Risk Register

ISO 31000 -2018 Risk Evaluation

Risk Evaluation
Negative Vs Positive
Risk Map
Risk control

ISO 31000 -2018 Risk Treatment

Risk Treatment
Risk Controls VS Risk Treatments
Risk Acceptance response
Risk Treat response
Risk Transfer response
Risk Transfer – vs Risk Shifting
Risk Avoidance response
RISK Escalation response
RISK Exploit response
RISK Enhance response
risk share response
Risk Treatment Plans (RTP)


Risk Monitoring & Review
Monitoring Vs Review
When to Review
Risk Monitoring Tools

ISO 31000 -2018 Recording and Reporting Risk

Recording and Reporting Risk
Record and Report Risks Steps
Effective Reporting Elements
Measuring The Effectiveness Of Risk Management Efforts

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