Introduction to Fullstack and DevOps Engineering

Introduction to DevOps, Web Application Concepts, and Amazon Web Services

What you will learn

Fundamentals of Web Application

Fundamentals of Web Application Deployment

Fundamentals of infrastructure

Basics of AWS

Basic deployment of web applications on Linux machines

Basics of containers and Docker


Many individuals, especially fresh graduates and junior engineers, are unsure how to start a career in Fullstack and DevOps Engineering.

This course is composed of two modules:

  1. Web Applications.
  2. Infrastructure and Application Deployment.

Each module comprises several lectures made of a theoretical part, in which certain concepts are explained, and a practical part, consisting of exercises and demos, to apply the knowledge learned, and to make sense of the information acquired. Amazon Web Services will be used in the demos, which will give you a great overview of cloud computing in general and AWS in particular. Finally, there will be a section that contains quizzes and a course project, to test everything you have learned.

Upon completing this course, you will have a basic understanding of:

Web Applications Concepts: What they are, why we need them, and how they are developed and deployed.

Containers and Docker: The ability to containerize applications and perform basic deployments of containers.

Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services: Creation of networking and compute resources.

Basic DevOps Concepts: Networking and compute requirements, application deployment, application containerization.

In summary, this course aims to teach you the basic information needed to kickstart your career in Fullstack or DevOps. What differentiates this course is that it focuses a lot on understanding concepts, ideas, and thought process, which will allow you to further expand this knowledge on your own, or hopefully in more advanced courses.




DevOps: What it is, What it isn’t

Introduction to Web Applications

Introduction to Linux Commands
Introduction to Web Applications
[DEMO] Deploy and Serve a Static Website
[DEMO] Deploy and Serve Two Static Websites
[DEMO] Add Domain Names to the Websites
[DEMO] Enable Load Balancing
Web Application Concepts
Introduction to Server Side Applications
[DEMO] Deploy the nk-backend Application on Ubuntu

Introduction to Infrastructure and Containers

Introduction to Infrastructure Types
Introduction to Containers and Docker
[DEMO] Introduction to Containers
[DEMO] Advanced Docker Concepts

Knowledge Application

True or False Questions
True or False Questions (2)
Course Project

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