How to Successfully Test & Launch Your Business Idea

Save time, capital and resources and take your business idea from fantasy to reality!

What you will learn

You learn how to define, structure and improve your business idea before launching it in the market

You define who are your customers, get input from them and create a product or a service that the market needs, wants and is willing to pay for

You test your idea with minimum resources so that you save time, money and energy to invest in a idea that truly has potential

You learn a process that you can apply in every business idea together with the proper mindset of starting a business in order to reduce the risk of failure

A better understanding of the market, ideas for a good marketing campaign and way to finance your business idea when you get started


You’re planning to launch your business, but a huge worry captures your mind: FAILURE.

You know the numbers, you’ve heard the stories, 50 to 70% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years and you don’t want that to happen to you.

Or you simply don’t know where to start. You were never taught business in school and even if there are a lot of resources out there, they lack practical advice.

We can’t eliminate risk of failure 100%, but there are clear strategies that will save you the time, money and resources that you would waste on a business idea destined to fail.

That’s why you should take our course on How to Successfully Test & Launch Your Business Idea.

In this course, you will upgrade your business idea, you will discover valuable customer insights, innovative marketing solutions and make the right decisions when it comes to pricing and the features of your products. By the end of the course you can already have paying customers and raise money for launching your business.

And you can do all of that without having to quit your full-time job or work 80 hours a week.

Alex Glod and Alin Apostu here. We will be your guides throughout this journey.

For the last 10 years Alex has been working with hundreds of startups, helping them iron out their business model and their marketing strategies. He worked with a wide array of technology startups, social enterprises and business consultants. Alex helped them see the world through the eyes of their customers and tell a compelling story about the value their business brings. Thanks to this, many of them have went on to win prizes at Pitching Competitions and secure investments to develop their business.

Alin has worked with thousands of people that wanted to start a business but didn’t know what the first step should be. He mentored businesses that had great products, but who didn’t manage to narrow down their ideal client to actually start selling.

Many start-up businesses struggle to set a price for their product or to identify the appropriate way to make money. With the help of Alin’s experience, lessons learned and validated tips & tricks, some of them managed to raise money and scale nationally and even internationally.

We wish the same for you, so stop hesitating and take our course now. You will have access to over 3 hours of videos, curated templates and strategies that in 30 days will take your idea from fantasy to reality.

Join the course now! Start working on your dreams today!



Welcome On Board!

Welcome to the Course
Why Businesses Fail (So That You Don’t Have To)

Understanding The Problem You Are Solving

The Customers You Aim To Serve
The Profile of Your Customers
What Problems Are You Actually Solving
Test your knowledge

Time To Interview Your Customers

Why Customer Empathy and Understanding Matters
The Interview Guide
How to Conduct An Efficient Interview
How To Analyze The Interview Results
Accept the challenge! Test your knowledge with us.

The Online Questionnaire Method

Why Quantitive Research Matters
The Online Questionnaire Template
How to Actually Make People Fill It Out
How To Analyze The Questionnaire Results
Share You Analysis With Us
Test your knowledge

Build Your Most Awesome Solution

Intro to Building Your Solution
Turn Insights Into Actions. Your Value Proposition
The Communication Channels
Choosing The Business Model
The Pricing of the Solution
Your Key Differentiators and Unfair Advantages
Closing Section #5
It’s quiz time

Launch Your Prototype

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action
Your Minimum Viabile Product
Safety Tips for Your Test Launch
Key Metrics for the Test Launch
Our quiz friend is back 🙂

Your Next Steps

Intro to Section #7
Lessons from Selling Your MVP
Financing Options + Working with Angel Investors
Pro Tips & Next Steps for Your Business

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