How to plan your week for success

A simple way to get your motivation back and plan your week with simplicity

What you will learn

A Simple Way to Plan Your Week

The 80/20 Method of Planning

A Simple Tool to Ensure Your Motivation Stays High

How to ensure you start the hard work


What this Course is All About

It is sometimes difficult for us to be able to get on top of all of the things we need to do. Even worse than this we end up filling our days with useless tasks in order to feel busy but at the end of the day we still feel inside that we’ve achieved nothing. I’ve used my own simple tools, all of which are available online or can be created with a simple pen and paper, to achieve an incredible amount of progress in the last two years. I want to share with you today how you can work less and yet achieve more than you ever have before. These techniques will help you to get your life moving in the right direction without giving up your personal life.

The Best Part?

I’m going to show you how I managed to cut my work down to four hours per day or less and never work weekends while still being able to achieve the following in the last 18 months:

– I became an author, publishing my first book

– Built a suite of courses on Udemy

– Created a business selling high end courses to businesses

– Created two websites that receive a combined 20,000 visitors per month

– Automated my business income and increased it while working less.

What Can I Expect?

I will give you all of the tools you need in order to simplify your work flow, while increasing productivity. This means that if you still want to hustle and work 12 hours a day, then your success will go through the roof. However if you want to work 4 hours a day and spend the rest with family, like me, then you can at least 3x your output with half of the time.




Our New Tool

The 80/20 Principle Overview

What is the 80/20 Principle
Reflecting on What You’ve been doing wrong
To Digree, Keep It Simple Stupid

Planning our Week

ABC’s of Me Baby
Defining Work Tasks
Defining Personal Tasks
Removing Stress
Identifying Gratitude
Removing Resistance

Final Thoughts

Weekly Self-Review
A Replacement for New Years Resolutions & A Thank You for Joining Me

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