How to get the lowest interest rate on a mortgage

Discover insider secrets to get the best interest rate by buying down the interest rate, getting lender credits, & more!

What you will learn

You will learn what you need to do to get the lowest interest rate on a mortgage by using inside tips taught by a seasoned veteran in mortgages.

You will learn how to buy down the interest rate to bring it down and have lower monthly payments which will save you on interest payments.

Discover how to get an interest rate credit to help you cover part or all of your closing costs.

Improve your general mortgage knowledge and how the process works.

Effectively negotiate better terms with lenders and banks.

Understand what types of real estate properties get beneficial terms and rates.

Learn why different loan programs have different rates.

Discover who has better interest rates when it comes to banks, lenders, and mortgage companies.


How to get the lowest interest rate on a mortgage:  Discover insider secrets to get the best interest rate by buying down the interest rate, getting lender credits, & more!

Getting a lower interest rate on their mortgage is more about what you know than who you know. Most people assume that having great credit scores is all you need but you would be surprised to know that there are other things that are just as important and that can save you thousands over the years.


  • Your credit scores
  • The type of home you purchase
  • The loan amount (this is one most people overlook!)
  • The state and zipcode where the property is located
  • The down payment percentage
  • The loan term (30 yr, 20, yr, 15 yr, 10 yr mortgage)


  • Most people don’t know you can buy down the interest rate save on your monthly payment
  • Lender credits are really known as interest rate credits that can save you on your cash to close!
  • Rate lock time periods
  • Getting lender paid mortgage insurance versus borrower paid
  • There are more strategies but these will taught in the course…

This course includes:

  • Instructor-led document examples so that you become familiar with what rate ranges look like
  • 24 hour access to your instructor via the Udemy Q&A messaging portal, lifetime access to this course,
  • and a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are thinking of buy a home, become an investor, work in the mortgage industry as a loan officer or processor or underwriter, and want to learn creative ways to get a lower interest rate and lower mortgage payments, then this is the course you need to take and finish to the end.

Click on the enroll button right now to get started. This course will save you thousands over the years.

Taught by an industry veteran. Joe Correa is the Founder and CEO of Finibi Mortgage which is a mortgage brokerage business based out of Orlando, Florida.

Don’t wait to get this course for the price of a couple coffees. In the future, this will equate to thousands in profits for you.

I’ll see you inside the course!



Introduction to How to get the lowest interest rate on a mortgage

Does it matter what interest rate I have in the long run?
A true story How I secured a 1.75% interest rate on my mortgage
Why do some people get a lower interest rate?

Who has the best mortgage rates: banks, lenders, or mortgage companies

Who has the best interest rates banks, mortgage lender, or mortgage brokers?
Why do conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA have different interest rates?
10 tips to get the lowest mortgage interest rate

Doing the research and learning what needs to be done to get the lowest rate

My mortgage statement and how the numbers play out
Comparing different interest payments on a mortgage calculator
How paying loan discount points works and how the numbers work out on rates
Steps to get the lowest interest rate out there

What to ask loan officers to get them to give you the best rates & credit terms

What should you ask loan officers when applying for a mortgage?
How you can improve your credit before applying for a home loan

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