How to get Brand deals with ANY Following

Get products for reviews, brand deals, sponsorships and more!

What you will learn

Identify how the brand values you as a creator

Find the correct emails/people to contact

Create a perfect media kit that secures deals

Write an email pitch that will interest your potential buyers

Price your services as a creator

Design a perfect brand deal


You don’t need a huge following to score brand deals that pay! Every time I hear someone say “once I hit X followers/subscribers – they’ll find me” I just shake my head. You have a huge marketing power, whether you have 1.000 subscribers or 100.000 subscribers!

I went full-time as a YouTuber with as few as 10.000 subscribers (I could have done it earlier) not because my niche is known, but because I knew how to do business and get brand collaborations amongst other income sources based on my socials. And I want to share them with everyone! Some “big” channels cannot say the same as they struggle with brands “getting to find them”. Don’t make it be YOU!


Making money on your socials for your work is something a lot of people don’t know how to go about, but there are a lot of things that will make it much easier for you!

In this class you will learn about:

  • How does the brand value you (and it’s not by following)
  • How to properly set up your socials, so the deals come in easily
  • How to find your way in (and find the right people to talk to)
  • Real-life Experiences and Examples
  • How to Choose the Right Brands to Work With
  • How to Create A Media Kit/Brand Kit
  • How to Email Brands for Sponsorship Deals (templates included in the course)
  • How to set up your pricing and make the marketing team excited about the deal
  • How to create long-lasting relationships with clients



Find your way IN

How does a brand value you?
Find your way IN

Start writing/creating

Media Kit
How to write the proper pitch email

Brand deals & Pricing

Create your perfect brand deal
How to price your services?
Go get them!

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