How To DESIGN CHARACTERS for comics, games and animation

Designing Characters made clear and simple

What you will learn

Learn basic character design for Comics

Learn basic character design for Animation

Learn basic character design for Games

Be able to create a well rounded character for future use.


Do you want to learn how to design characters for games, comic books, or animation? Well, HERE is where you start!!

Welcome to How To DESIGN CHARACTERS!! In this course we cover, from start to finish, how you can make your own iconic character. Whether for game design, comic books, or cartoons, creating a recognizable and memorable character is one of the keys to a successful project.

Sometimes we don’t know where to start when designing and coming up with concepts. Or how to give the character the vibe we intend. Or even why certain colors and patterns seem rife in design. In this course we take the mystery out of all of that for you!!

Units included in this course are my dirty dozen….

  • The Origin Story
  • Simplified Structures
  • Bodytypes
  • Articulation
  • Simplified Anatomy
  • Silhouettes
  • Power Sets
  • Symbols
  • Color Theory
  • Costume Choices
  • Personalities
  • Styles

So, with all of these steps in mind, there’s no need to copycat what is already out there. No need to be the next clone of ________. YOU get to make something original. YOU get to CREATE!! And isn’t that way we’re all here for??

Follow Ed Foychuk here on Udemy as he takes you through this ride. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed!! Ed has tens of thousands of students, and a proven track record in instruction. With easy to follow videos and templates, How To DESIGN CHARACTERS is the go-to course for understanding character creation across industries.




Origin Story
Simplified Skeleton
Body Types
Articulation and Hinging
Simplified Anatomy
Color Theory
Power Sets
Costume Choices
Wrap Up with Handbooks

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