How To Cold Call for Real Estate Agents

4-Step action plan to carry out a successful and converting cold calling session which results in commissions paid!

What you will learn

Learn how to get over the debilitating call reluctance energies which are holding you back from success

Learn and download my sales script structure which you can then use in any and all sales conversations to convert more leads into commissions paid

Learn the importance of creating a safe and private space for you to carry out your cold calling sessions in

Learn how to properly plan and prepare for a converting and successful cold calling session


Here is the thing, nobody really likes cold calling, even experts in it, to this I can attest, as I am an expert in cold calling, I have spent a large portion of my 28 years in my sales career, actively and willingly engaged in this particular prospecting activity!

You’ll notice I said actively and willingly engaged in this prospecting activity, and that is because I learned very early in my sales career, actively and willingly engaging in cold calling gets you where you want to go in your sales career and success quicker than any other prospecting activity. Cold calling will propel your capacity to smash your sales targets, it will result in you earning fat commissions and move you up the sales ladder of success faster than any other prospecting activity you can engage.

So, if this one prospecting activity is such a powerful propeller of sales success, why is it that salespeople just will not pick up the phone and actively and willingly engage in this prospecting activity?

Well believe it or not there is an entire psychology behind what is known as Sales Call Reluctance

In fact, there is a book on it! Called The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You’re Worth in Sales

Shannon Goodson and George Dudley, the co-founders of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, shared astonishing statistics in their book The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance stating that call reluctance is the reason why:

  • 80% of new salespeople fail in their first year.
  • 40% of sales veterans are at threat of decreasing sales.

They stated that each year, sales call reluctance single-handedly accounts for over half of all failures in one of the largest professions in the world.

The point I want to make by mentioning this book is this, Sales Call Reluctance is so commonplace that there is even a book on it!

And to share with you, that even I myself, who have no problem hitting a telesales cold calling target of a hundred calls a day, can get hit with this anxiety if it’s been a minute since I sat down to bang out a cold calling session.

So, take a moment to acknowledge this truth. And then let’s move on!

The fact is, to be successful in any form of sales, you must be very intentional with the lens you choose to see your prospecting activities.

In this short transformative course, I will teach you my 4-Step action plan, which will help you see cold calling prospecting through a lens of motivation and willing engagement!



How to Cold Call for Real Estate Agents

How to Cold Call for Real Estate Agents
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