How to Build Scalable Front End Applications with Vue JS

Learn Building Scalable Front End Applications, Schema-Driven Design, Dynamic Layout From Back End Schema, JavaScript

What you will learn

How to build scalable front end applications

What is Schema-Driven design

How to make single responsible components

What is application development process and complexity in a real company


Take your front end development to the next level with Scalable Front End – the only course designed to give you the skills necessary to build dynamic, scalable apps. Learn how to use schema-driven design, control UI elements using back end JSON schema, and master design patterns like multi-service/multi-template design pattern. And that’s just the beginning! With Scalable Front End, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to optimize your software development cycle in big companies. Start your journey today!

Learn the fundamentals, dive into coding in the Vue JS framework and get hands-on experience with a challenging schema-driven design project. With this course, you’ll have all the skills you need to build powerful and dynamic applications and take your career to the next level.

Develop your front-end skills effortlessly and quickly with Scalable Front End! Master all the powerful strategies and techniques to build advanced web applications without having to worry about any particular framework. With this course, you’ll be able to apply the same methods for React JS, Angular JS, or whatever your next project may be. Join us and start making the most out of your front-end development!

This course is created to help front-end developers and engineer take their skills in a more advanced level and build full dynamic scalable applications. The course starts with some theoretical explanation of the software production cycle and then dives into coding in the Vue JS framework by implementing a challenging schema-driven design project called “Film-Centre” to show the different and powerful strategies to build scalable front-end applications. We will analyze complex layouts and functionalities and translate them into JSON schema, and later implement the UI statically, next we will use our quick API endpoint created by the JSON server to return our JSON schema and build our application with different advanced methods.

Who is this course for?

– Any front end developer (vue, react, angular) willing to know how to design complex, scalable front end applications.

– Any back end developer who wants to be one step ahead of others by knowing the secret of coordination of UI elements from the back end.

– Anyone interested to know what are the exact expectations of a company from a senior front-end developer

– Anyone stuck with heavy and complex projects willing to know the secret of building flexible, scalable, and maintainable applications.

What technology and framework are used?

– Vue JS

– Vuetify

– Javascript

– Sass

what design pattern do we use?

– Singleton

–  Factory

– Schema-Driven Design

– Single Component Design

What is schema-driven design?

It is a new modern approach in software development to give control and flexibility to the layouts.

Is schema-driven design relevant to XML schema?

They are not wholly relevant but have some similarities.

upcoming Sections & Lectures:

Section 6: Creating a powerful object-oriented API client library

– Lecture 3: Improve the API client using the factory pattern

Section 7: Dynamic Injection of layout using schema-driven

– Lecture 1: Schema-Driven creation of HomeView components

– Lecture 2: Schema-Driven creation of Header and Footer

– Lecture 3: Schema-Driven creation of FilmsView components

– Lecture 4: Schema-Driven creation of FilmView components

– Lecture 5: Using service-based & template-based design patterns quickly to create UsersView

Section 8: Conclusion

– Lecture 1: Conclusion





Scalable Applications (Why and How)

Definitions, Problems, Solutions

Definition of the Project (Film-Centre)

Film-Centre project definiitions
Translating UI into JSON schema

Initialization & Setup

Installing Vuetify
Installing JSON-Server to run a quick API

Static implementation of layouts

Defining App routes and corresponding components
Creating static components of HomeView
Creating static FilmsView layouts
Creating static FilmView layouts

Creating a powerful Object-Oriented Client API library

Creating a robust Object-Oriented Client API
Creating APIs for products, users and app-schema

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