How to be a great storyteller

For high-achieving ambitious corporate leaders who want to inform, inspire and influence their audience

What you will learn

Learn how to write stories that inform, inspire and influence your audience.

How to use stories and storytelling to sell ideas, products and services.

Essential ingredients of impactful storytelling.

How to write/tell unique stories that build your personal brand and visibility.

Learn how to not kill your audience through boring presentations.


Do you know that storytelling is one of the most prominent skills you can learn to build your visibility and branding at work?

Why do we need to be visible?

It is easy to get lost in a large organisation or business world. Personal visibility ensures that you are not lost as a mere number in the employee workforce or amongst your peers. It means exactly what it says on the tin: being visible as an individual, irrespective of how large or small your organisation is.

Being visible is important because without being visible you will have limited opportunities and your career growth will be impacted adversely. If senior leadership do not know you exist or what your contributions are, how will they support your career growth?

As a business owner, you must be visible in front of people who need your help, so they can buy from you.

Personal visibility is required for:


⭐Leadership opportunities

⭐Other monetary or non-monetary rewards and recognition

⭐Sales conversations.

How to build your personal visibility in an organisation?

The easiest and the most effective way to build your visibility is through impactful speaking and storytelling.

Your voice is the sharpest tool in your toolbox that will help you be seen and heard and stand out.

It not only enables you to connect and engage with your audience, but also inspire and influence them.

Here are some examples where your voice will help you stand out:

⭐1:1 conversations with colleagues, team members and clients.

⭐Presentations before colleagues, leadership and clients, without causing death by powerpoint.

⭐Team meetings

⭐Open houses, Town hall meetings

⭐Board meetings


⭐Mentoring opportunities

⭐Facilitating training for colleagues and team members.

How do stories work?

Stories connect us with other human beings. They help us inform, inspire and influence our listeners.

Each one of us has a storyteller within us. But most of us do not know how to bring them to the fore.

Your story is also the most effective vehicle to establish your personal brand.

This course will help you:

– Find the storyteller within.

– Learn key concepts of storytelling that will help you write and tell great stories to become an unforgettable speaker.

– Offer an opportunity to write your story you can use to accentuate your personal branding.

My vision for this program is that if you follow all the videos, and implement the concepts I share, you will have all the key ingredients required to be a great storyteller.

Good luck with storytelling!




Hello and my introduction

My introduction through my story

Prep work

How to get the most out of this program
Being Seen and Heard, and what not to do

Introduction to Storytelling

Why storytelling works?
We are all sales people. Including you!
My three favourite mindset tips on stories. ?

Concepts for telling and writing stories

What makes a story unforgettable for you?
Want to sell? Tell a story.
You are a storyteller; already full of stories.
Worried you have no stories to tell? Do this one thing to open up stories.
Write a story with me in 4 steps
Two must-have components of a great story.
6: ‘What If’ questions in storytelling
One component that will make your stories unique.
First approach on how to make our audience love our stories. ?
Approach two on how to make our audience love our stories. ?
Approach three (2D vs 3D) on how to make our audience love our stories. ?
Wants vs needs – How to use this concept to make your stories come alive.
Wants and needs demystifyed ?
What transforms an ordinary character into an inspiring hero in a story?
The Character Arc
Stakes in storytelling
Structure and Acts of a story
Story Spine
The theme of your story
Visual language in storytelling

Hiking And Storytelling

Hiking And Storytelling

Implementation of concepts

Implementation of concepts

Next Steps and Bonus resources

Next Steps – 3 options including a gift

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