Awaken the healing life force energy within you – Learn. Heal. Feel & Evolve!

What you will learn

You will be empowered to have clarity in who you are & where you want to evolve as an individual in your journey of life.

Learn how to use Reiki & how it can heal you & help you in your personal growth.

Will become more self aware with tools to apply on a day to day basis. It will open you up to your creativity.

Will learn to take responsibility for yourself & your actions. Become more aware & access your intuition


Welcome, to a journey with Vandana A founder of Hrishta Melodies, a mother, dietician/nutritionist, Reiki grandmaster, spiritual guide, holistic transformational life coach, tarot reader and teacher….etc. where  you will learn to unlock the Human Rekindling Mystery (HRM ) through Yogic Realigning / Reiki Ryoho (YRR )i.e., HRM-YRR. In this course you will be guided through this transformational phase of your life where your Health is your Wealth!!!

As the saying goes, ” As your Spiritual health is the root, so your physical health will be the fruit.”

There was a time when I thought energy healing had to be taught on a one to one basis in person, but it is not so, as Reiki is beyond time & space and can be taught equally effectively virtually too. The very reason for starting my online courses now is to teach Reiki virtually to students near & far. The reality is Reiki is energy & transcends all time and space.

Reiki is powerful and I believe that high quality trainings designed to raise one’s level of awareness & grace needs to be accessible and affordable for anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Learn. Heal. Transform

In this course you’ll learn the basics, introduction, history and how this can impact you in your daily life once you are in tune with this life force energy and way more of value which you can start implementing in your life to bring change if willing as You have to be the change, to see the change.’  You can do this simply by bringing a few changes into your daily habits. You don’t need to know it all, you just need someone to show you the way. Are you ready for the change?  Go ahead and get started now…




Introduction to Energy Healing

History of Reiki

History of Reiki

Definition of Yogic Reiki Ryoho (YRR)

Definition of YRR

Reiki Script/ Kanji

Reiki Script or Kanji

Reiki Precepts

Principles of Reiki
Attitude of Gratitude

Benefits of YRR

Benefits of Yogic Reiki Ryoho

What Reiki is not?

Myths & Misconceptions about Reiki

Reiki Training

Reiki Training & Self Treatment
Understanding of Reiki

Conclusion & Bonuses


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