GRAMMAR: Those Tricky English Words

GET YOUR WORDS RIGHT – How to pronounce it. How to spell it. What does it mean?

What you will learn

Homonyms, Homophones and Homographs are words that can be confusing.

Learn what these tricky words are.

Learn when to use them and how to use them.

Learn their different spellings, meanings and pronunciations.

Improve your writing by learning when to use which spelling and meaning


English is a living language. You learn listen to it, you learn to speak it, you write it and you read it. You want to be good at. You want to understand the spoken word and you want others to understand you.

Learning a new language is not easy. Sometimes simple sometimes, sometimes difficult, but not impossible to master. With practice, practice and more practice you will improve your skills.

To  study, to travel, to work and for leisure, knowing how to use English well can broaden your world and open wonderful opportunities. It’s known as universal language.

But, English also has some quirks.

There are words that can cause us confusion. It can have the same spelling, but also a different spelling.  It can have the sound the same,  but also a different sound. But it will always used differently and have a different meaning?

It’s important to gain the knowledge you need so that you can make sense of it and know the different contexts in which to use it.

I want to introduce you to three of its quirks. You might find it confusing at first. You might also recognise some of these words and have not always used it correctly.

Lets go on a little journey and learn some of these words. It will improve your writing, pronunciation and your vocabulary.



Lesson Introduction

WordsWork Welcome and Introduction

Promotional video

Introduction to Tricky Word Pairs


What are tricky word pairs?




Same sound, different spellings, different meanings.


Different sound, same spelling, different meanings.

Bringing it all together

CLOSING: Bringing it all together


Wrapping it up.

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