Gospel of Luke: For Growth In Your Relationship With God!

What you will learn

Understand how the book fits with other parts of the Bible

Learn key lessons that can be applied to everyday living

Grow in the knowledge of GOD

Understand who we are in CHRIST

Grow in our relationship with the LORD


Recent Review from a previous course:

“Yes, it was a great course and is very helpful for Christians” – Isha Singhal

“I enjoyed this concise course on the Second Book of Timothy. The instructor does an excellent job of choosing what lessons to discuss and on making the lessons apply to your life.” – Bob Klug

“It helped me to summarize Mark and use the information in teaching”.– Florence Taber-Brown


What makes this Gospel unique screams at you from the beginning! It is

– The only Gospel of the Bible written by a Gentile,

– It has the longest chapter in the New Testament,

– Its genealogy is taken from Joseph all the way to Adam

– The only Gospel written in chronological order

and the only Gospel that gives us an insight in the childhood of Jesus

Dr. Luke’s investigative writing style draws you into the revelational knowledge of Jesus in a deliberate manner that hooks you until the end of the Book.

This course draws out 24 key lessons from this amazing Book that you and I can use to help transform our lives to resemble that of Jesus.

All in all this is a life transforming portion of Scripture and I hope you find it as equally deserving to be studied just as I discovered. The lessons are to be applied to our everyday existence if we are to access the power locked up in these words.



This book illustrates profound truths about:

  • Birth of Jesus – Mary’s perspective

  • Political life during the days of Jesus

  • The Power of God to heal

  • Discipleship

  • Prayer nuggets

  • Leadership

  • Sacrifice

  • Transformation

  • Enrichment


I sincerely hope that just as Jesus lived with the apostles and transformed them into formidable proponents of the word; we in our generation will release all aspects of our lives to the Holy Spirit. I pray that the word from these teaching will compel you to desire to be more like Jesus!


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How To Study This Course!

The Outline

Introduction To The Gospel of Luke

Why Another Gospel
Privileged Luke
Unique Features of The Gospel Of Luke

Lessons From Chapters 1-3

Chp. #1 How To Serve The Lord
Chps. #2&3 How God Works In Our Political Climate

Lessons From Chapters 4-10

Chp. #4Get Your Intentions Right!
Chps. #5 & 6 Renew Your Container and How To Choose Intentionally
Chps. #7 & 8 Sing of The Future and More Is Given To …
Chps. #9 & 10 Healing Is Part of It and The Distracted Will …

Lessons 11-16

Chps. #11 & 12 The Lord’s Prayer & How To Discern
Chps. #13 & 14 How To Achieve Your Goals & Cost of Discipleship
Chps. #15 & 16 What is Obvious? & The Power Of God’s Word

Lessons 17-20

Chps. #17 & 18 “Faith” & What We Like and Hate

Lessons 20-24

Chps. #20 & 21 Check Bad Behaviour & How To Be Replenished!
Chps. #22 & 23 Get Spiritual Manifestations & What The Death Of Jesus Earned You
Chapter 24: Find The Right In The Right Places!


Lessons Recap
Concluding Remarks

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