Google Sheets – The Complete Google Sheets Course

Google Sheets - The Complete Google Sheets Course
Learn the basic to advanced of Google Sheets : Learn VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Macros, Charts and More

What you will learn

Create beautiful spreadsheets with amazing formatting tricks

Learn formulas that work in both Google sheets & Excel

Automate your work with Macros

All Lookup Functions

Create interactive & visually effective dashboards in Sheets

Use different types of functions for Data Cleaning and Data Analysis


Are you ready to master the art of data manipulation, analysis, and collaboration in the cloud using one of the most powerful spreadsheet tools available? Welcome to “Google Sheets – The Complete Google Sheets Course,” your all-encompassing guide to becoming a Google Sheets expert.

Google Sheets is not just a spreadsheet program; it’s a dynamic, collaborative, and data-driven tool that simplifies and enhances your ability to work with numbers, charts, and more. Whether you’re a business professional, student, educator, or someone simply looking to supercharge your spreadsheet skills, this course is your key to mastering Google Sheets

Get to know the basics of Google Sheets, its interface, and its versatile applications in various fields. Learn to create, format, and organize data in Google Sheets, from simple to complex data sets.


Master the use of formulas, functions, and data analysis tools to derive meaningful insights from your data. Create visually compelling charts, graphs, and pivot tables to represent your data effectively.

Streamline your data management, analysis, and collaboration with Google Sheets. Enroll today in “Google Sheets – The Complete Google Sheets Course” and unlock the full potential of this versatile tool. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Google Sheets pro and revolutionize your data-driven work. Your journey to Google Sheets mastery begins now!


Line Charts in Google Sheets
Tree Map Charts in Google Sheets
Scatter Chart
Rivison History
Left and Right Function
Find and replace
Creating, Renaming and Sharing
Column Charts in Google Sheets
Area Charts in Google Sheets
Bar Charts in Google Sheets
Sort and Filter Data
Data Import (Web and HTML Table)
Xlookup google sheets
Macros in google sheets

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