Gaslighting In The Workplace

Avoid workplace manipulation and gaslighting through quick recognition, and assertive communication

What you will learn

Recognize gaslighting in the workplace

Know when to address it with the offending individual or HR

Learn assertive communication to defend yourself in the moment

Learn how to take and give feedback, so you know how to do it the right way

Make your workplace a happier one

Improve your team building by getting rid of people with manipulative behavior


Don’t be manipulated by others, keep your self-confidence high, and avoid workplace gaslighting by knowing exactly where you stand without allowing other people to make you doubt yourself!


It’s not enough to learn what gaslighting is and recognize when it happens. You must also know what to do as next steps, and how to prevent it from happening in the future. You will learn which steps to take next, what to consider in confronting the person doing the gaslighting (the gaslighter), the risks involved, and when to escalate the matter to HR.


Sometimes you will need to address gaslighting right there and then, in the moment it occurs. For this, you will need to be equipped with assertive communication skills. After this course covers how to recognize gaslighting, one of the skills you’ll learn in this course is how to use assertive communication to stand up for yourself in a manner that’s respectful, fair, and kind to you and others.


Another skill you will need is the ability to give and take feedback in a professional manner. Learning how to do this correctly will help you recognize when it’s being done incorrectly. That skill will also protect you from workplace gaslighting, and help you assert yourself!

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Introduction and welcome

Introduction and welcome to this course on avoiding gaslighting in the workplace
Gaslighting definition
Who is most susceptible to gaslighting

Gaslighting in professional settings

Why people gaslight: defense and manipulation mechanism
Ideal world behavior: being graceful, sincere, and using kindness and respect

Gaslighting in the workplace

Common gaslighting statements you will hear – recognize them quickly
More gaslighting language to look for
Actions and phrases to give yourself space and make a strategy to move forward

Honest and sincere reasons people gaslight

Honest and sincere reasons people gaslight

What to do about gaslighting at work

Initial steps to stop gaslighting
Documenting cases of gaslighting to show to HR

Getting and receiving feedback at work

Getting and receiving feedback at work – section introduction
What exactly is correct feedback
Giving employee feedback
Situation Behavior Impact (S.B.I Model)
How to take feedback
If you have to give negative feedback
Four box feedback model that bosses use with their employees

Assertive communication

Assertive communication section introduction
Assertiveness definition
Situations when it’s difficult to know when and how much to be assertive
Not an option – you need it so you are not passive aggressive later
Example – being assertive working from home and getting others to be quiet
Examples of how to assert yourself in different professional situations
Helpful phrases: I have a policy.. or I have a rule…
Assertive body language
Assertiveness examples in a meeting or in person

Conclusion – thank you for taking the course and being a great student

Course certificate for this unconscious bias course: How to get it
Thank you for being a great student

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