Game Development with Java and Python

Learn Java and Python by Designing Games From Scratch | From Zero to Hero

What you will learn

Learn the Java and Python basics and apply them to real world projects.

Learn how the Object Oriented Programming is used in practice.

Master the Java and Python packages for 2D game development.

Create complete payable games for your own sense of achievement.

Import pictures inside a game

Animating game characters and the displayed text

Use Keyboard and Mouse listeners


Welcome to this unique course covering both Python and Java for game development. You will gain amazing skills in two programing languages by taking a single course. Learn JAVA and Python by developing fun games from scratch. The game complexity increases with every section and you will be able to rise your knowledge throughout the course.

You will develop amazing games and you will see how JAVA and Python work moving things on screen and objects interaction. You will also create and import pictures used in the games and get familiar with creating randomly movable enemies and animating the game characters.

Learn how to create video games using Java and Python, which are one of the leading free to use software development tools. You will start from the basics so you need no prior experience in Java or Python! With our lectures, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve right from the first moment you start the course.

You will get 24/7 support on the Q&A section from our team. Go on to build several games including:

  • Puzzle Game: Design two puzzle games using different techniques.
  • Tic Tac Toe: Create this well known game to boost your skills and be ready for more complex games.
  • Star Ship: Create your own starship and try to kill all aliens that try to invent the world. Implement two players functionality.

You will have access to a course that has over 8.5 hours of HD video content. Be part of our community of over 150k students worldwide and make new connections in the industry.

The course is project oriented as this is the best way to learn Java. Instead of just learning the coding concepts, you will be applying them instantly to real world games.  All of the source code will be included in the end of each section, so you will never struggle to complete a lecture.

Here is how you will be thought how to build Java games.

  • You will first be challenged to build the entire game yourself.
  • I will show you every small detail in the cording lectures.
  • After building the game you will be asked to modify the control parameters.

Join now to get a lifetime access to this course, which includes a tone of videos and downloadable materials.

You will Java and Python Object Oriented Programming concepts and be able to apply them for your own projects. Once you complete the course you will become an advanced game developer and feel comfortable to create games from scratch.




Course Introduction
Important Notes and Course Navigation
Source Code & Course Structure

Java and Python Installations

Install Java and Eclipse
Install Python and Eclipse
Install Python and PyCharm

Java for Game Development

Java Introductory Notes
Variables and Data Types
Arrays and Strings
Control Flow Statements
Classes, Objects and Methods
Playing Java Game Outside the IDE

Java: The Puzzle Game

Puzzle Game Using Frame: Part 1
Puzzle Game Using Frame: Part 2
Puzzle Game Using JFrame: Part 1
Puzzle Game Using JFrame: Part 2

Java: The Star Ship Game

Starship Game Set-Up
Alien Class
Shot Class
Set Objects Location and Display
Create Main Game Parameters
The Player Class
Main Class
Board Parameters & Game Initialization
Draw Game Characters
Paint Game Characters
Move the Starship
Enable Starship Shooting
Move Alians
Enable Aniens to Shoot Back
Game Over Functionality

Python for Game Development

Print Objects and Data Types
Taking Inputs From the User
Logical Operations
Exercise 1: Inputs and Logical Operations
Operations with Strings
Arithmetic Operations
Comparisons and Logical Operations
If Statement
Exercise 2: If Statements
Data Structures
Python Functions and Classes

Python: Tic Tac Toe Game

Set Up the Tic-Tac-Toe
Set Borders
Player Turns
Main Game Loop
Restart and Run the Game

Python: Meteor Invasion Game

Project Set Up
Game Configuration
Start Screen Interface
End Screen Interface
Bullet Design
Asteroid Design
Starship Design
Run Game Interface
Player Keyboard Controls
Move Background Image
Draw the Bullet
Main Class Development and Game Run

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