From Raging B To Cool As A Cucumber: Master Your Emotions

No more years of therapy! This masterclass is your shortcut to becoming the fun, easygoing mom you always dreamed of bei

What you will learn

Learn the real reason you lose your cool and turn into a fire-breathing dragon.

How your nervous system is hijacking your reactions (and what to do about it).

How to uncover the subconscious wounds and beliefs that are fuelling your rage (and heal them!).

Why traditional talk therapy might not be enough and how energy work can offer a faster, more effective path to healing.

Get practical tools and techniques to manage your emotions and stay calm, even in the most challenging situations.


You’re not alone. Mom rage is real, and it’s more common than you think. But let me tell you this: it doesn’t have to be your destiny.

Jordana here, and I used to be the queen of mom rage. My kids wouldn’t even ask me questions for fear of setting me off. It was exhausting, heartbreaking, and it felt like I was losing myself entirely.

But then I discovered something revolutionary: the real cause of my rage wasn’t my kids, it was me. Deep down, I was carrying around a load of subconscious wounds and limiting beliefs that were fueling my fiery reactions.


And guess what? Once I started addressing those root causes using energy work techniques, something amazing happened. The rage started to melt away. I became more patient, more present, and even more importantly, I finally felt like myself again… like the mom I envisioned I be and day dream about when I was pregnant.

Now, I want to share this life-changing knowledge with you. No mother should have to struggle with lack of emotional regulation and mom rage!

That’s why I’m hosting this FREE masterclass called “From Raging B*tch to Cool as a Cucumber: Master Your Negative Emotions”. Watch it for  a quick and easy transformation.

From Raging B To Cool As A Cucumber Masterclass


Maybe You’ve Been Wondering…

Maybe You’ve Been Wondering…

Imagine If…

Imagine if…

My Story

My Story – How I got here

Meet Chaos With Playfulness

Meeting Chaos With Playfulness

3 Beliefs You Need To Own To Accomplish This

3 Beliefs You Need To Own to Accomplish This

Immediate Outcomes

Immediate Outcomes You Can Expect

Energetic Practice – Emotional Release

Part 8

Here’s What Happens When..

Part 9

The Truth Is

Part 10

What’s Next?

What’s next??

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