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Learn VideoEditing,Voiceover,Notion,ChatGPT,Google Forms &sheets,Crowd Testing,Image editing,e-books & e-learning

What you will learn

Learn Video Editing techniques

Learn how to use Voice recorder and Screen Recorder

Basics of Manual Crowd Testing, Bug Reporting, Test case Execution

Learn how to create Surveys using Google form

Learn how to use Google Sheets

Learn how to use Notion and how to create templates

Learn how to use ChatGPT and prompt engineering

Learn image editing, ebook creation, resume and portfolio creation


Featured here in this course

1. Video Editing

Learn to Edit videos, add background music, voice-over, caption, text, trimming, split clips, Display text at a particular Time stamp, Display images at a particular Timestamp, Add Sound effects at a particular Time Stamp

2. Voice over

Learn to record audio, edit audio, trim, select, split, delete, copy, paste, select, and noise reduction

Learn to use screen recorders to record voice along with screen, noise reduction in screen recorder

3. Manual Crowd Testing

Learn the basic terms of testing. Test cycle, Test scenarios, Test overview, Test cases, Bugs, Types of Bugs, Severity, Priority, Bug Template, Test case execution steps, and Bug Bounty Contests.

4. Google Forms and Google Sheets

Learn to create Google forms, and features, add questions, and responses, link responses to Google sheet, settings

Learn the basics of Google Sheets, How to use Google Sheets, and Operations performed in Google sheet, formulas, graphs, charts

5. Notion

Learn what is Notion, How to use Notion, Where Notion is used, Basic blocks in Notion, Adding Pages, Media, Tables, Databases, Database views, Sample template creation for to-do lists, expense tracking, project management, roll up and relation features and template using linked databases

6. ChatGPT

Learn what is ChatGPT, How to interact with ChatGPT, Example interactions, How it is used in various fields, Prompt Engineering, Create prompts, How to earn from prompts

7. Extras


Learn to edit images

Learn to create editable pdf

Learn to create Resumes and Portfolios using Canva

Learn to create e-learning tutorials

Future Updates:

1. Kindle Publishing

2. Kindle Book Editing

3. Mobile Video Editing

4. Mini projects For all the sessions

5. Apps Script

6. Google Sheets features

7. Notion Templates

8. ChatGPT prompts

9. Nft creation

10. Any updates upon request and more

Video Editing

Create a video with pictures -Requirements
Project files
Import files
Tracks and Scroll bars
Export button
Video with Pictures
Add Background music
Add Voice over
Add Caption
Add Text
Export Video
Create Video with two or more videos, Edit a video, Add Background Files
Create video out of Clips
Remove a particular part in a video
Reduce the size of the video
Display text at a particular Time stamp
Display image at a particular Time stamp
Add Sound effect at a particular Time Stamp
Mini Project – Part1
Mini Project – Part 2
Final Edited Video

Voice over

Voice Recorder
Record Voice
Add Background
Trim, Select, Remove
Noise Reduction
Screen Recorder
Record Screen and Voice together without Noise
Access the saved Recordings
Edit the screen recording with video editor

Manual Testing in Crowd Testing Platforms

Importance of Testing
Importance of Crowd Testing
Bug Bounty Contests
Terms used in Testing – Testcycle
Test Overview
Test Scenarios
Test case
Bug Types
Bug Severity
Bug Priority
Test case execution
Bug Template
User Testing

Google Forms and Google Sheets

Create a form
Add Questions -part 1
Add Questions- part2
Add Questions -part3
Form Responses
Form Settings
Link Google form and Google Sheet
Google Sheet – Introduction
Adjust size, select, swap, copy, paste, del, undo operations
Rows and Columns : Edit,Format, Insert, Delete, Align
Add Charts
Math Operations
Mini Project : Quiz form – part1
Mini Project : Quiz form – part2
Mini Project : Quiz form – part3
Mini Project 2: Bug Reporting form


Why Notion?
Notion for beginners
How to install Notion
Create a Page
Adding Contents
Delete a block
To do list
Toggle lists
Quotes and Divider
Link to pages
Add Image
Add Video
Add audio
Web Book mark, Code Snippet
Upload a document
Create a Table
Database Properties
Relation and Rollup Properties
Different Views in Database
Add Embeds
Notion Academy
Create template: 1. Design a Planner Template
Create Template: 2. Template to organize books & to track Reading activities
Create Template: 3. Expense Tracker Template
Create Template: 4. Template for Task Management in a Project


How to use ChatGPT?
Books Summary
Create E-books, Blog posts
Career : What to learn, certifications etc.,
How to Translate?
How to create Travel Itenerary?
Write an email
How to improve writing?
Solve Maths Problems
Solve Reasoning Problems
How to generate code?
How to generate Excel formulas
Prompt Engineering
How to Earn from Prompts


Image Editing
Create Editable Pdf
Create Resume and Portfolio with Canva
Steps to create E- learning videos

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